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The two fashion brands are about to bring together an exciting collection under the creative direction of Kim Kardashian West and Kim Jones that screams body positivity and sass all at the same time

Under the artistic direction of Kim Jones and Kim Kardashian West, luxury Italian house Fendi and shapewear line Skims are debuting a collection that unites the aesthetic codes of the respective brands to create a capsule wardrobe for the modern woman while celebrating body positivity.

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“The idea for the collaboration came about when my team and I were sitting around a table at the studio in Rome,” explains Jones. “Suddenly, all the women went silent and started looking at their phones. I didn’t know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new Skims collection. It was then that I thought: let’s do something together.”

“Both Fendi and Skims have a cultural power very different from each other, but equally as strong,” reflects Kardashian West. “We share a desire to push boundaries, think differently and challenge convention which is why we found so much common ground collaborating on this collection together.”

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Drawing upon sketches from an archival Fendi collection that was first presented by Karl Lagerfeld in 1979 and placed a focal point on twisted tube tops, pop colors and tight sashes, Fendi x Skims combines the focus on fit and form that the latter is known for—transporting the wearer into both the past and present of the Fendi universe.

Form-fitting silhouettes are materialised in velvet engineered for support, while a gradient series of neutral shades are meticulously crafted into bonded leather dresses that draw upon Roman aesthetics to offer statuesque transformation. Bold colours saturate contemporary beach and shapewear, while a hybrid Fendi x Skims logo appears on a reversible skin-tight jersey and the logo is also embossed into knitwear, printed across underwear and hosiery and writ large across recycled nylon sportswear.

“The innovation in fabrics and fit typical to Skims paired with the luxury and quality of Fendi may feel unexpected to some people, but the similarities between our creative vision and goals are so closely aligned,” notes Kardashian West. “It’s that tension that excites me.”

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Accessories appear in a complementary palette: a standout array of brightly coloured Fendi icons appear alongside neutral tones, from Peekaboo and Fendi First to the new Baguette Chain and signature Sunshine Shopper in 3D FF logo, available also in their Mini and Nano versions. For footwear, Fendi debuted a shearling hiking sandal imbued with a distinctly LA energy, alongside an array of new iterations of the Fendi First heel.

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The Skims mission of creating solutions for all women is directly mirrored with that of Fendi.

“My Fendi is about creating something for every woman, every different shape—and that’s something at the heart of Skims too,” explained Kim Jones. “Kim Kardashian West is doing a lot to celebrate inclusivity-including her admirable work with social justice in America- and as a hard-working woman with a family, she is constantly striving to do her best. These values are something to celebrate.”

“Kim Jones and I have been close friends for years,” continued Kardashian West, “I love his creative spirit and how he understands luxury in a way that makes total sense for how people want to dress. He works extremely hard, and as a workaholic myself, I recognise and admire the passion he puts into everything he does.”

Here, the two trendsetters in the fashion industry unite to bring you a collection that is truly empowering and #bosslady worthy. The Fendi boutique at Ion Orchard Singapore will be one of the four locations globally that will be pre-launching the collection on November 2—so get ready. 

The collection will launch on November 9, 2021 at 9pm Singapore time on its website and will be available at select Fendi stores and retailers globally.


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