Cover Angus Tsui spring summer 2022 (Photo: Angus Tsui)

As 2021 comes to an end, we're celebrating all the best looks by Asian designers, including the likes of Jason Wu and Supriya Lele

More Asian designers have come into the spotlight this year, and to say their collections are inspiring would be an understatement. The beauty of extended Asian representation is that we get a diverse range of references, inspirations, fabrics and styles incorporated into the outfits. For example, look at the variety in silhouettes, from the voluminous to structured, of Japanese designer Ryunosukeokazaki versus the sleek and sharp cuts from British-Indian designer Supriya Lele.

Traditional fabrics are making a comeback too. Malaysian and Indonesian designers Behati and Toton, respectively, are modernising batik, sari and songket kelabu by turning them into 2021 relevant looks, incorporating pieces such as corsets and cargo pants. 

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There's also been a real boom of innovation in creating new materials—Chinese designer Chet Lo is expanding on the knitwear category with a colourful and spiky nylon knit that looks otherworldly, and Angus Tsui of Hong Kong is also going for a futuristic feel by softening armour-esque ensembles with padded fabrics.

To celebrate the successes of Asian fashion designs this year, we're looking at everyone from high fashion regulars like Jason Wu showing at New York Fashion Week, to independent designers like Shushu/Tong at Shanghai Fashion Week. These are our 12 favourite looks from the year:

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