Cover Stanford, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda from the third season of Sex and the City (Photo: Getty Images)

And just like that, the women from Sex and the City are back, so we’re reflecting on the best style lessons they shared from seasons past

Two decades on from its initial release, the iconic show Sex and the City is back for a 10-episode special titled And Just Like That… Sadly, the rumours are true and Kim Cattrall will not be reviving her role as saucy, straight-forward Samantha Jones, but Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will remain as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, respectively.

The original show captured the energy of being single and successful women in New York City, and many were inspired to be more adventurous with their fashion picks. Here are four lessons we learned from these four fabulous characters.

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Business doesn’t have to mean boring

Miranda Hobbes might not have been at the forefront of everyone’s fashion consciousness at the time, but in retrospect, she was the real MVP. As the quartet’s resident corporate woman, she didn’t have the luxury of wearing tutus or strapless tops galore. Instead, she turned to masculine cuts, suits and athleisure and alternated between neutrals, reds, greens and blues. Honestly, her earlier season looks are super current and very on trend in 2021.

Everyone needs (and sometimes needs to be) a Samantha

Super confident, sexy and salacious, Samantha Jones was always up for a fun time, whether it was with her besties, boys or… ahem, by herself. She often sported skin-tight outfits with bold colours, revealing cuts and glam accessories. What made her outfits unique was that she totally capitalised on her figure, making sure to accentuate and highlight her favourite body parts. If there’s anything to takeaway, it’s that we all should find a good tailor.

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Don’t confine yourself to one aesthetic

Carrie Bradshaw never let any trends, triumphs, trials or tribulations stop her from wearing what she wanted, and that is a pretty important life lesson. She was totally, unapologetically herself. Her unique take on style meant that rules were totally out the window, and anything went. Stripes on stripes on stripes? Sure. A belt around the waist attached to absolutely nothing? Why not? Boyfriend’s oversized shirt as a dress because you fell into a fountain? Bingo!

Always add prep to your step

Charlotte York might have been prim, but she was always polished. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress elegantly, and Ms Park Avenue Pollyanna wouldn’t have it any other way. Incorporating preppy items into your outfits can make you look more put together, so take inspiration from Charlotte and try out a headband, waistcoat, or match your handbag to your jumper. Some of these looks lean into current trends too, especially for autumn.


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