Cover Ng and his wife Loh May‐Han on the cover of a Takashimaya 20th anniversary supplement in 2017.

The anaesthesiologist also recalls his favourite Tatler Ball moments with his wife Loh May-Han, and that time he brought out his inner rapper on the runway

In celebration of Tatler Singapore’s 40th anniversary this year, we ask our closest friends to share their first—and favourite—memories of us for My Tatler First. Here, Adrian Ng speaks to us about some of those special moments.

Adrian Ng has a way with words. The anaesthesiologist with his own private practice is ever so eloquent and witty in both speech and writing that we knew he was just the person to reminisce with when it comes to fond memories of Tatler Singapore.

But the day before his “assignment” was due, Ng texts us asking for a deadline extension, along with these words: “I have spent the best part of the past two decades with Tatler—and there is so much to say and do for a 40th anniversary. So I seek your editorial indulgence to allow me to craft this love story with Tatler.”

How could we say no to this modern romantic, whose personal memories of Tatler are those “associated with feelings of love, romance and passion”? Of course, many of these were experienced with his wife of 19 years, fellow anaesthesiologist in public practice Loh May-Han. Ng shares some of these special moments.

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What are some of your first memories of Tatler?

Adrian Ng (AN): It was May-Han who initiated me into the world of Tatler, and some of my best memories are those of her and with her. I fondly recall evenings watching her doll up for Tatler events—and it never crossed my mind to accompany her then.

As such, my early memories of Tatler are of the pretty frocks my wife particularly endears herself to, and the ritualistic and mysterious sequence of make-up and dainty threads that somehow magically culminate in the loveliest angel to appear out of our dressing room. Needless to say, with such beautiful recollections, I’ve come to relate Tatler to the good things in life, the beautiful people who adorn its pages, and the scent of make-up and perfume that is now a main feature of our dressing room.

Which is your favourite Tatler shoot?

AN: A few come to mind—and always with May-Han. There’s the cover for Takashimaya’s 20th anniversary in 2017, coupled with a video shoot where we “competitively shopped” for each other for Christmas. I recall surprising her with an impromptu mistletoe and she gamely came in for a peck. Another is Tatler Weddings’s 10th anniversary shoot at Bulgari Resort Bali. With such an enchanting retreat perched on the cliffs of Uluwatu fanning the flames of romance, it felt like we were on honeymoon all over again.

The shoot for the 2017 Tatler Fashion Awards is another memorable one. It was a two-part involvement: a music video and a live runway walk to the tune of Good Boy by K-pop duo GD X Taeyang. That it involved bringing out my inner rapper bravado—while sashaying down the runway decked out in gold chains and “mink”—adds that touch of finesse to my style evolution honed over the years with Tatler. I’m really a good boy most days.

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What about your most memorable Tatler Ball?

AN: When was the last time you attended a ball in your unmasked glory, throwing hugs and planting kisses all around? For us, that would be the Chinoiserie-themed Tatler Ball in 2019—the last society ball in the pre-pandemic era. The good old days of posing at the photo wall in our resplendent gowns and tuxedos sans masks, clinking champagne flutes with our friends, and grooving on the dance floor at the after-party. It definitely ranks up there as one of our favourites.

The Tatler Ball after-parties are always where the fun begins—heels get kicked off, bow ties come undone, cognacs begin to flow, cigars start to glow, porridge bars get ravaged, and the dance floor gets its annual thumping. The 2013 and 2014 after-parties stood out because of Hong Kong-based singer-actor Michael Wong and Hong Kong crooner Kenny Bee respectively.

Is there a notable fashion moment?

AN: The aforementioned 2017 Tatler Fashion Awards was one, and the Maximalism-themed Tatler Ball in 2018 was another. I got May-Han’s make-up artist to draw eyeliner around my eyes to complement my Balenciaga maxi-shouldered jacket. The sticky situation I faced was removing the eyeliner when we got home. By the time I got around to it, May-Han was already happily tucked into bed and I realised that no amount of water and elbow grease was going to remove the eyeliner. With blurry red eyes by then, I did a Google search for a solution, rummaged through her warpaint stash for make-up remover oil—I didn’t know there was such a thing—and proceeded to remove it with a simple wipe.

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Tell us about a favourite personal snapshot taken at a Tatler do.

AN: One of my proudest moments was to see May-Han being inducted into the Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame in 2012. Standing next to her for a photo at the event was when I realised that I really needed to up my fashion game. It was a call to action—and I’ve not looked back since.

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What is the best part of a day or night out with Tatler?

AN: That I get to spend quality time with May-Han doing something we thoroughly enjoy. The fun begins even before the event, watching May-Han do her make-up and deciding what to wear. And I’ll be trying to figure something out to match her outfit.

What is a Tatler tradition you love?

AN: The post-ball Teochew porridge bar.

What is your wish for Tatler as we celebrate our 40th anniversary?

AN: I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to Tatler on your 40th anniversary. Thank you for the incredible memories and unwavering friendship over the years. Cheers to many more years of priceless moments together!

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