Singaporeans love to shop, and perhaps that’s why so many of us love Christmas. It combines our love of food, festive décor and most importantly gives us an excuse to participate in guilt-free shopping.

But Christmas isn’t just about presents—it’s about spending time with our loved ones as well, and power couple Loh May-Han and Adrian Ng are happy to do just that.

Proving that the couple who dresses together, stays together, we challenge them to see who’s the better gift giver with this special Christmas themed scavenger hunt. The catch? They won’t be shopping for themselves, but for each other.

Watch May-Han and Adrian as they compete to shop up a storm at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Art Direction: Cheryl Chan
Videography: Ewan Lim & Quinatasya Afridi
Hair: Ivan Low from kimrobinson
Make-up: Alex T using Nars