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The British brand is taking a step in a more eco-conscious direction with this capsule collection of handbags

Mulberry is the most recent brand to try their hand at a sustainable collection, and its newest handbags are a testament to utilising “farm to finished product” supply chain practises.

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The capsule collection features the Soft Small Amberly Satchel in four colours—cornflower blue, coral orange, black and charcoal—with an eco upgrade. The raw hides are sourced within the UK and Ireland, then tanned, treated and finished in Scotland and finally produced in a carbon-neutral factory in Somerset.

Produced in partnership with the Scottish leather company Muirhead, all components of these handbags are made in the UK using the world’s lowest carbon leather, which at of CO2 per hide is about a quarter of the usual figure.
That’s made possible by Muirhead building close relationships with local farmers, using thermal energy plants which generate heat from waste, and maximising water usage by recycling 40 per cent of wastewater back into leather production.
“The collection represents the future of the business as we continue to build a network of regenerative and organic farms to supply the hides to create our leather across the UK and Europe,” said Andretta, CEO of Mulberry, adding: “This reinforces Mulberry’s bold commitment to the future, outlined in our Made to Last manifesto published earlier this year to mark our fiftieth anniversary.”

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