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The designer's passing has come as a shock to the fashion industry, but Abloh's innovative mind lives on his previous collections, and we look back at some of our favourite fashion moments

According to a statement published on the Off-White website, Virgil Abloh often said: “Everything I do is for my 17-year-old self.” With that in mind, his past self was utterly indulged by his future self consistently putting out industry changing looks that challenged gender, culture and branding.

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These are ten of our favourite looks from his past collections for Off-White and Louis Vuitton, and the ideas that will stay with us now that Abloh has passed.


1. Off-White Fall 2018 Menswear

Closing a menswear show with female model Giedrė Dukauskaitė was bold move in itself, but this strong red look synonymous with the Off-White brand codes was even more so.
The sleeveless coat dress hybrid, paired with trousers and accessorised with a “scarf”, was a gender neutral outfit that didn’t feel out of place in this menswear collection, and was a reminder that Abloh was a visionary in blending classic styles with younger tastes.

2. Louis Vuitton Spring 2019 Menswear

Inspired by a prism, this collection featured bright whites that eventually transformed into a colourful plethora of clothes, symbolising the rainb­­­ow that comprises white light. A breath of fresh air in the culture of menswear, these looks featured exciting colour combinations and cool accessories.
This utilitarian collection really cemented the design elements that we strongly associate with Abloh, those being his 3D pockets on vests and jackets and that harness. This entire collection was memorable, but it’s teal, neon yellow and orange look that takes that cake for being the best slice of Abloh’s aesthetic.

3. Off-White Spring 2019 Ready to Wear

Track and Field was a collection done in collaboration with Nike and eight world class athletes (including Serena Williams) was pure athleisure. T-shirts, trainers, leggings and activewear materials were abundant on the runway, and he repurposed items like socks to transform them into wearable pieces.
This stunning white dress was our highlight, especially the highlighter yellow dipped train and the way the T-shirt cropped and transitioned into and the bodice of the gown. Simple styling with neon yellow sunglasses and Off-White branded shoelaces to tie the bodice let the look speak for itself.

4. Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Menswear

Among the all the amazing tailoring, oversized outerwear and flag motifs was model-dancer Alton Mason backflipping down the runway in a fabulous purple satin set. That moment was a nod to Michael Jackson, the person this sophomore collection was dedicated to, and his legendary lightness when dancing.
Abloh selected Mason for his likeness to MJ’s spirit, and the moment came as a bang about halfway through the show to keep everyone on their toes.

5. Off-White Fall 2020 Ready to Wear

A closing look like no other, this white pleated voluminous gown spliced with an Arcteryx windbreaker (worn by Gigi Hadid, no less) was a defining moment for Abloh. His designs have always walked the line of luxury and youth culture, but this dress perfectly encapsulated those ideas.
Although this wasn’t his first attempt at this splicing technique (as he dabbled with the style back in 2019), he perfected the oversized proportions this time around, and Hadid looked like the belle of this ball.

6. Louis Vuitton Fall 2020 Menswear

This was Abloh’s fourth show for the luxury brand, following a short break. Quite appropriately, the themes of this collection explored ideas of moving away from his current trajectory, as well as the practical functions of menswear—specifically workwear.
The set, a light blue sky and cloudscape, was littered with enormous tools used by the ateliers such as scissors and keys—that already made this a memorable show, but the final seven looks with cloud prints really left us reeling. This heavily sequinned shirt and tie made way for the wide belt atop straight leg trousers, and we especially love the clouds forming LV on the blue and white monogrammed duffel bag. ­­­

7. Off-White Spring 2021 Ready to Wear

This collection came in tandem with Abloh's launch of Imaginary TV, his take on a visual platform that was representative of what he wanted to see on television as a result of the pandemic. 

Pale pistachio, white and silver is the colour combination want to wear on repeat after seeing this look. Abloh’s styling was especially crisp, with oversized shoulders on the coat and intentionally baggy trousers accentuating the nipped in waist. A leather bandana wrapped the bottom half of the model’s face in a stylish ode to the new normal of wearing masks in daily life.

8. Louis Vuitton Fall 2021 Menswear

The Tourist vs Purist collection was all about mixing cultures—African wraps and Western hats combined with LV’s design styles—as a commentary to challenge the ideas of ownership surrounding everyday objects, art and culture.
This fabulously fun jacket, comprising of instantly recognisable monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the pyramids of Giza, was a playful and literal take on the ‘Tourist’ portion of this collection.

9. Off-White Fall 2021 Ready to Wear

Laboratory of Fun was Abloh's comeback collection shown in person post-pandemic, and he mixed both men and women’s ready to wear pieces together, acknowledging his disregard of gender stereotypes that can be so limiting.
Right off the bat, Bella Hadid opened this show wearing a knockout blue strapless minidress and knee-high boot combination, illustrating the minimalist luxury Abloh was communicating this season.

10. Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 Menswear

Abloh’s final collection references Wu-Tang Clan and Japanese and Chinese martial arts uniform styles, and this hip hop influenced selection of padded vests and belted silhouettes was a standout. Abloh’s experimental designs extended to include balaclavas, skirts, and dresses too, highlighting the fact that he was at the forefront of innovating menswear trends.
This ombre jacket and trouser look complete with a furry hat and satchel was a visual feast for the eyes—the way that these electric shades of pink, green and blue blend together makes it feel like we’re looking at a thermal sensor.


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