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Virgil Abloh has been a household name since he took on the artistic direction of Louis Vuitton's menswear line. Here's we look back on how he’s impacted fashion

You can break the rules and still win the game. In fact, Virgil Abloh is proof of that. Find out more about how the fashion innovator managed to straddle the line between challenging the status quo and creating a whole new standard for menswear in his stunning career.

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1. Amen Break

To honour their spring/summer 2022 men’s collection, Louis Vuitton recently released a short film entitled Amen Break. The cast included the likes of GZA, Goldie, Saul Williams, Shabaka Hutchings, and more and centres around a father and son who are reunited by loss. Abstract, artistic, and loosely based on the story of Lupe Fiasco, Amen Break also features the entire menswear collection by Virgil Abloh, many of which defy gender norms and show male models in skirts and dresses. 

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2. A sustainable logo for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton recently released a line of eco-friendly luxury leather goods. Called the “Felt Line”, these bags were first teased in a video released last January of 2021. It's made of Lurex tufting, organic cotton, recycled wool, and other sustainable fibres. For this Abloh also reinvented the classic Monogram symbol to resemble the recycling logo originally credited to Gary Anderson. 

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3. The Eraser Necklace

Anything can be fashionable—including erasers. Abloh’s fanciful design takes centre-stage with an eight hundred dollar Louis Vuitton eraser necklace. We’re doubtful it works on erasing mistakes, but it sure makes a forward fashion statement. 

4. The partnership with BTS

Recently, luxury brands have been scrambling to sign famous Korean singers, actors, and actresses—and Louis Vuitton was not to be left out. Under the leadership of Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton has signed BTS to be the next brand ambassador. Though details are sparse on what that entails, the whole world waits with bated breath over future projects. 

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5. Architectural jackets

Virgil Abloh’s architectural jackets were the talk of the town during the Fall-Winter 2021 menswear fashion show. One showcased all the iconic monuments of Paris—from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur—while the other paid homage to the New York City skyline. 

6. The Airplane bag

Virgil Abloh’s sculptural aeroplane bag made headlines a few months ago. Yet, we can honestly say that the USD39,000 handbag definitely inspired our wanderlust—and pushed the limits on what architectural fashion means. 

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7. Off-White collaborations

Not only is Abloh a versatile designer for various brands (from fashion house Louis Vuitton to water purveyor Evian), he’s also the founder and creative director for his own brand, Off-White. The brand has collaborated with multiple names, and one of our own favourites is the project done with Rimowa. Their see-through luggage was a “brazen yet playful” commentary on privacy culture and surveillance—and is also an incredibly stylish piece of luggage. With accented black handles and wheels, this roll-on suitcase is everything we need on our next adventure. This, and perhaps the Louis Vuitton aeroplane bag! 


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