Cover Team Europe's uniforms for the 2020 Ryder Cup (Photo: Loro Piana)

The European golfers will be dressed by the brand in elegant attire that incorporates new technology during this year’s competition

Loro Piana have been named the official supplier of uniforms for Team Europe for the 2020 Ryder Cup. The historic competition, that sees 24 golfers from Europe and the United States compete, will take place from September 24-26 in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.

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Luxury fabrics have been at the core of the house since 1924, but so have research and experimentation leading to create durable clothing. Pádraig Harrington, captain of Team Europe, is collaborating with the brand to create the uniforms.

“I want the players to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the week of the Ryder Cup, and the Loro Piana clothing is a key part of that,” he said.

To shield golfers from all weather conditions, the brand has designed waterproof pieces for the first time, using its Wind microfibre technology and Storm System water- and windproof fabrics. The jackets are made up of three layers—Wind fabric on the outside, a Storm System layer in the middle, and a thin, stretch jersey on the inside for comfort.

Loro Piana will continue to use its superfine merino wool in their knitwear pieces, as the natural fabric is lightweight and breathable; this year, it has been elasticised in consideration of golfers’ need for movement.
A selection of the Team Europe uniforms will be available in Loro Piana shops from mid-September.

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