Cover Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones drummer, at Ronnie Scott's, Birmingham in 1991 (Photo: Peter Robinson/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

The Rolling Stone’s drummer Charlie Watts dressed like a gentleman among rock stars, and in honour of his recent passing, here are all the times he looked downright dapper

Drummer Charlie Watts passed away yesterday at the age of 80, and he is remembered by his peers as being a "top drummer, dresser, [and] gentleman".
It must have been tricky standing out among the heartbreaking faces and wild antics of the other Rolling Stones members, but Watts stuck to his guns and paved his own stylish way, preferring tailored pieces and looking put together.

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Inspired by jazz musicians, both in their sound and fashion, he often sported sharp suits and funky ties—a far cry to the crop tops and tight jeans his bandmates wore. He admitted to owning over 200 suits, so clearly he knew what worked for him.
Nevertheless, he was a humble man who happily let his friends enjoy the limelight whilst he quietly defined his own version of cool, and these are just a few of his best fashion moments.

Suited and booted

When The Rolling Stones started out in the 1960s all the members looked clean cut, but as the music developed, so did the more adventurous looks. Watts remained the same and continued to wear three-piece suits and smart coats all the way through his career.

Solidly striped

The drummer had a penchant for pinstripes, and all stripes for that matter. He tried them in varying colours and combinations, all of which looked dashing, but our favourite is the powder blue suite with a striped shirt peeking through on the private jet—so chic.

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Rarely casual

He often wore simple T-shirts on stage, purely for comfort and ease, and he didn’t understand how jazz drummers would (and could) perform in a full suit. However, there were certain occasions where he dressed down, but it was still somewhat smart casual.