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It doesn't matter what the event is, as long as you suit up, you'll stand out. Take it from these K-Drama leads

Suits are for people who want to make a statement. Notice how in every business convention, people with the best trouser and pants combo grab the most attention? This type of attire is also worn in other formal celebrations such as anniversaries, weddings, and whatnot. The outfit easily commands respect because it shows that the person put so much time and effort into his or her appearance. 

Wearing suits can also be fun—that is if you style them the right way. 

The K-Drama leads we've listed below will help you give a breath of fresh air to your beloved suits.

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1. Seo Dal-mi in 'Start-Up'

Bae Suzy, who plays the role of the strong-willed and self-assured Seo Dal-mi in the Netflix hit series Start-Up, knows a thing or two about wearing suits that are easy on the eyes. In episode one, audiences see her in an iconic ensemble from South Korean brand avouavou.

The jacket, which was made of the "finest crepe material imported from Italy" costs USD 896. 23 (around PHP 43,224); the skirt on the other hand costs USD 624.87 (around PHP 30,137).

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2. Kang Tae Moo in 'Business Proposal'

Turns out, yellow umbrellas will not only be remembered because of the American series How I Met Your Mother. In Netflix's hit K-Drama Business Proposal, Ahn Hyo-soep, who plays the handsome and capable CEO Kang Tae-moo, provides an umbrella for his energetic employee Shin Ha-ri. While doing so, Tae-moo dons an oversized beige suit which complimented his white button-down shirt inside.

3. Baek Ye-jin in 'Twenty Five, Twenty One'

One of Twenty Five, Twenty One's bittersweet scenes include the one where Baek Ye-jin finally became a respected news anchor; in the scene he congratulates his love interest and national fencing athlete Na Hee-do for her "successful wedding," implying that the two did not end up together. 

Ye-jin wore a sleek navy blue jacket which he paired with a tie of the same colour and white collared button down shirt.

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4. King Lee Gon in 'The King: Eternal Monarch'

You bet Lee Min-ho is on the list of K-Drama leads who donned the best suits! In every series he has participated in, it is almost impossible to not see him in this attire. 

In The King: Eternal Monarch, the star wore a light brown ensemble which he partnered with a printed tie that shows off hints of brown and blue. He was also wearing a dirty white (white with hints of yellow) collared button down with the sleeves protruding at the end of the jacket.

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5. Secretary Kim Mi-so in 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?'

Secretary Kim Mi-so from What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? knows how to blend in the corporate world with her sharp yet easy on the eyes suits. In the photo above, she is spotted wearing a carnation pink jacket which she paired with a lighter shade of baby pink button-down. 

6. Ha Yeong-eun in 'Now We Are Breaking Up'

As a designer for a big fashion brand, Song Hye-kyo's character Ha Young-eun can't help but develop an innate fashion sense and impeccable style in Now We Are Breaking Up. As a woman who works both in the limelight and off the stage as a creative director, she chooses to pick suits that look practical and light.

In the photos above, she wore a grey jacket and pants combo which she paired with a white blouse.

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7. Song Joong-ki in 'Vincenzo'

Vincenzo Cassano (portrayed by Song Joong-ki) is a lawyer who works for the Mafia as a consigliere; hence the range of sleek outfits he has every episode. In one episode, Cassano was wearing a very stylish suit ensemble.

The lead actor wore a striped grey jacket with four front buttons closed to achieve a cleaner look. He paired it with a collared white polo shirt and maroon tie which gave a little colour on the otherwise plain outfit. 


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