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We want to wrap up in cosy knitwear, and these are the best Hong Kong-based brands to shop from

Knitwear has come a long way from simple wool sweaters. Over the past two years, the category has expanded to include a wide range of designs, styles and innovations in fabric that have made for more interesting pieces.
Several designers involved in these developments hail from Hong Kong, and these are four knitwear companies you should consider next time you’re in need of something knitted.

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YanYan Knits

Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung are the duo behind YanYan Knits, and although they started their company in New York City, these designers grew up in Hong Kong and are based here in Kowloon.
Chan and Chung’s inspiration comes from their grandmothers, both of whom wore stylish sets and knitted themselves, as well as the nostalgia of dressing from the ’70s through to the ’90s.
Referencing two items—the cheongsam and kung fu jacket—they introduced celebratory colours, fun patterns and traditional details like knot buttons and keyhole details to their collections. The brand regularly designs cardigans, jackets, tops and trousers, all of which evoke a sense of the past.

Shop YanYan Knits here.

Love From Blue

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Grace Lant dropped her first Love From Blue collection earlier this year. In addition to creating beautiful prints from high-quality yarn, Lant’s focus is to create a conscious and closed loop system, which involves reusing and recycling garments into new clothing to minimise waste.
By opting for a pre-order model, sourcing deadstock fabrics, and producing limited items, Lant has ensured that pieces purchased from her collections will be cherished and worn for longer than a season.
Her prints are unique and reference Hong Kong’s urban and natural landscapes, incorporating neutrals and muted colours like blue, green and pink. Pieces include jumpers, vests, dresses and even baby blankets, all of which are intended to be wearable art.

Shop Love From Blue here.


Alpaca wool is one of the softest materials available on the market, as well as the most eco-friendly, and Crystal Chiu has taken advantage of that to create clothing and lifestyle pieces. Chiu lives between Hong Kong and Peru, and started Äya to spread awareness about the ethical practices of using alpaca wool, which empowers her community back in Peru.
Like sheep, alpacas are trimmed for their comfort, which allows us to use their wool. But they only graze at high altitudes, so traditional farming is out of the question, and they help maintain our biological footprint.
Now based in Hong Kong, Chiu uses her roots and love of nature to influence her designs, which include textured knit ponchos that resemble the ripples of sand, throw blankets featuring traditional Peruvian patterns, and adorable alpaca plush toys.

Shop Äya here.

Everybody & Everyone

Veronica Chou’s mission to create sustainable garments extends to knitwear, and her chic selection of sweaters and loungewear are very much staple items. Best of all they are inclusive of all sizes, and you can get these pieces from US size 00 through to 24.
In order to ensure the highest standard of sustainable production, Chou partnered with Naadam. Naadam is a cashmere expert that uses clean energy manufacturing processes without toxic chemicals, paya fair wages to herders and invests in healthy breeding practices for goats.
Chou sticks to neutral shades and covers all bases with her styles, which include cardigans, V-necks and a practical turtleneck with a removable neck that transforms into a crewneck.

Shop Everybody & Everyone here.


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