The Gucci HA HA HA is the creative embodiment of longstanding friendship

“Harry has an incredible sense of fashion,” says Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. Both fashion luminaries in their own right, Michele and Styles first met years ago, at the beginning of their careers as soloists; Michele in the world of fashion and Styles on his own in the music scene.

“The idea of working together came to me one day while we were talking on the phone,” Michele reveals. “I proposed creating a ‘dream wardrobe’ with him, starting from those small oddities that come together in childlike visions.” 

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Thus was born the Gucci HA HA HA. “We ended up with a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring,” adds the creative director. 

The collaboration, which is named after a crasis of ‘Harry’ and ‘Alessandro’, also stands for the onomatopoeic sound of laughter, something both men have shared together throughout their years of friendship. It’s no surprise then that the collection is full of whimsy: vintage silhouettes, striking patterns, and vibrant shades of yellows and greens. Masculine and modern, it is anything but boring, with garments that embody elements of English tailoring and romantic accents such as mother-of-pearl buttons. There are denim jackets, velvet suits, printed pyjamas, and pleated kilts with leather straps. 

“I’m so happy to see this project finally come to life. I’ve known Alessandro for years now, and he’s always been one of my favourite people,” Styles says fondly. 

Theatrical at heart, but relatable to a majority of men, the Gucci HA HA HA comes with a campaign that is shot by Mark Borthwick that showcases “an exhibit of masculine vanity without hypocrisy and false scruples dictated by convention”. 


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