Cover Happy birthday Rihanna! (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The multi-talented businesswoman, singer and make-up maven turns 34 today, and we’re celebrating her new era of pregnancy fashion

Rihanna has been killing it since day one—whether it’s topping the charts with straight bangers, or developing a line of make-up, skincare and lingerie under her namesake, she’s proven how capable she is of establishing a unique style. She turns 34 today, and it's evident through her career transformation she's still got so much more to offer, although right now she's entering the world of motherhood.

Since Rihanna announced her pregnancy last month, we’ve been blessed with look after look from the reigning queen of style. Her new bump hasn’t deterred her from wearing extravagant outfits—if anything, she’s more inclined to wear daring and utterly delightful ensembles.

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Her outfits have demonstrated how pregnancy doesn’t need to interfere with fashion, and it can actually be beneficial to expressing femininity, sensuality, and experimentation. She’s worn a variety of mini hemlines, cropped tops, cut-out garments and bold colours, and these are seven of Rihanna’s maternity looks that we can’t stop thinking about:

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