What happens when cinema and couture cross over? A showpiece that transcends art forms. And Alessandro Michele's latest Gucci campaign, Exquisite Gucci, proves just that

"[The clothes] turn into highly imaginative functional prosthesis, and they do so to tell a story. A story that shatters, enchants, tortures, ignites. Because it’s the story of the human that dwells in each and every one of us. As Stanley Kubrick knew too well."

Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director, wrote this about their newest ad campaign, Exquisite Gucci. His message feels like a personal letter of a devotee to an idol—bestrewed with reverence and a semblance of affliction. Yet, it perfectly prefaces a visual feast that features several familiar scenes from Stanley Kubrick's body of work, revivified with models in Gucci's Exquisite collection. 

Stanley Kubrick is an auteur who is widely considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His filmography lists critically-acclaimed titles that pushed the boundaries of film production. In fact, his innovative filmmaking techniques paved way for many contemporary creatives.

"Kubrick was, in essence, a real sculptor of genres: the 'cross-genre' director, ahead of his time," writes Alessandro. From psychological thrillers to dramedy, Kubrick was not afraid to take risks.

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With Kubrick's rule-breaking and Alessandro Michele's eclecticism, this collaboration was only inevitable. "With 'Exquisite' I carry on my attempt to mingle high and low, this time coherently and synergistically with the grammar of the great director," Alessandro professes. 

The resulting images are an inquiry into the bounds not just of fashion and cinema, but of humanity where the sensibilities of two master artists coalesce.

See the rest of the campaign here:

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