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Your work-from-home situation is about to look a lot more magical

The house of Gucci recently launched a special pop-up store at the ethereal Via Manzoni 19 in Milan that will stay open till September 17. But fret not if you’re feeling a little #fomo because you can’t hop on the next flight to Italy. The collection will also be available in Singapore this week on September 10. 

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Gucci’s new lifestyle collection will include notebooks adorned with covers in Gucci Supreme canvas, letter cases with envelopes and cards featuring the Gucci print, pens, pencil cases and graphite pencils.

Also available are hand-made pencil boxes, a zip-up case that will match a set of coloured pencils that can be rolled up in brown leather, and glass-domed paperweights produced by an Italian glassmaker. 

The whimsical pop-up in Milan is creative director Alessandro Michele’s take on a traditional store with an enchanting hideaway that allows for endless exploration.

With flying notebooks, chess sets that play themselves, haunted items, endless bookcases and micro-apartments for mice, there is no end to the amount of fun and wonder you will experience at the Gucci Cartoleria. 

“When I was a child, going to the stationery store and finding pencils, pens, notebooks, games, meant living a dream in my daily routine. They were elegant, well-made objects that revealed a work of craftsmanship and that, even though they were part of my daily life, were able to radiate a magical, mysterious and wonderful aura,” said Michele. “For this reason, presenting the Gucci Lifestyle collection in Milan through Gucci Cartoleria is a kind of consecration, a tribute that I had to pay.” 

For a bit of fun, the maison has also developed a hand-crafted dice set that was made in Italy in bio-resin, briefcases containing poker and backgammon, Gucci playing cards and more. Perfect accessories for a game night in. 

Of course, no Gucci collection is complete without its own category of useful and playful items: fans made of wood and satin silk, sleeping masks, pillows, slippers and satin silk pyjamas that will feature different house prints. 

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Available at the Gucci boutique in Paragon from September 10. 

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