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These are all the hits and misses from the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, and the Tatler list includes 27 looks from the likes of BTS, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga

Although no major showdowns took place at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, there were plenty of looks to be discussed. We saw flamboyance, flair, and a few flops, but that’s the beauty of the Grammys—with a more relaxed dress code, there’s room for artists to express their style and make a statement (or not).

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After assessing what the attendees wore, we managed to narrow it down to 27 looks and categorised them into the best, worst and most glamorous looks: 

Best: Kali Uchis

We loved this sexy sheer brown chiffon and corset combination from Kali Uchi—it suited her style of Latina glamour and looked modern and fresh, all while referencing current trends.

Best: Benny Blanco

We were very into Benny Blanco’s peacock blue suit with Indian-inspired floral embroidery, but the real kicker was in all the details: The charms dangling from the collar tips and cuffs, the icy jewellery, bedazzled shoes and a gold manicure to boot.

Best: Doja Cat

Doja Cat always delivers on a red carpet, and she did it again. This was (literally) sheer glamour with a Y2K twist that felt almost futuristic—overall, a major serve.

Best: Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is bringing back his signature red carpet look, and we’re here for it. He looked uber cool in bug-eyed sunglasses, a metallic knit top, multiple chains and dangerously tight leather trousers. No complaints here!

Best: Cailin Russo

This is how to do “cool girl” on the red carpet—we loved how Cailin Russo let this Supriya Lele suit shine with minimal accessories yet amplified it with a highlighter yellow, choppy hairdo.

Best: Finneas

Billie Eilish’s brother killed it in this silky taupe oversized suit. The slim-fitting waistcoat cut through the volume of the jacket, and the elongated lily brooch was a delightful accessory.

Best: Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber does simple so well—this chic strapless silk gown was heavenly, and her delicate jewellery and loosely pulled back hair gave her the aura of a Grecian statue.

Best: BTS

There’s not much to say other than all seven BTS members shone individually while looking expertly coordinated as a group.

Best: Peter Bradley and Michelle Zauner

The duo of Japanese Breakfast rocked up in zesty shades of orange and yellow. Bradley’s cloud patterned shirt helped break up the brightness of the suit, and Zauner’s textured minidress was so playful—we also love that she matched her make-up and manicure too.

Worst: Avril Lavigne

We are so happy to see Avril Lavigne back on the red carpet, but this gown did nothing for her. In theory, black tiered tulle totally works, but this execution wasn’t the best. The waterfall skirt and ostrich feather capped sleeves created a bulky silhouette, and we wish she’d worn her hair up to create an elegant V-neckline.

Worst: Jared Leto

While everything Jared Leto wore would work separately, together, it was a lot. The embellished lace top, textured coat with fur sleeves and white ankle boots was giving “eccentric uncle who loves hunting and doilies”.

Worst: H.E.R

We get it—the Grammy’s are in Vegas, and a little glitz is necessary, but this ’70s look from H.E.R felt like a costume rather than an outfit.

Worst: Inas X

Sorry Inas, we know that the 2000s are trending, but this bodysuit-with-a-sliver-of-a-skirt-and-fingerless-glove combo should have been left in 2009.

Worst: Maria Elisa Ayerbe

Between the draped jumpsuit, chain belts, opera gloves, peek-a-boo arms, gold embellished shoulders and pointed toe boots, there's just a bit too much going on with Maria Elisa Ayerbe's outfit.

Worst: Carrie Underwood

It's giving prom princess Barbie cake.

Worst: Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey is young and gorgeous and talented and it is a shame that she wore this heavy and overbearing silver dress and cape.

Worst: Jamee Ranta

This Bottega Veneta leather corset was not given the justice it deserved—this should have been styled with darker colours, a pair of trousers and a sleeker hairdo, but we’ll give Jamee Ranta props for the sculptural silver earrings.

Worst: Cheri Moon

We’re not sure what Cheri Moon was going for, but this look was reminiscent of a chandelier. The tall shoulder and short skirt made the look seem unbalanced, and the red shoes blending into the carpet further emphasised that.

Glamorous: Lady Gaga

What’s black, white and glam all over? Lady Gaga in this lovely one shouldered gown, Tiffany jewels and classic updo.

Glamorous: Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence looked elegant in red on the red carpet, and here’s why: The high neckline was accentuated by her sleek topknot, the bold yet understated accessories added depth without looking busy, and the red lip tied everything together.

Glamorous: Dua Lipa

Hello 1992, we missed you! Dua Lipa pulled off this classic black and gold dress from Versace with ease because it’s hard to go wrong with a asexy silhouette, buckles and gold medallion jewellery.

Glamorous: St. Vincent

Stunning train? Yes. Dramatic sleeves? Yes. Voluminous pink trim and fabulous pink sparkle? Double yes. This was a modern ’70s look from St. Vincent done correctly.

Glamorous: Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X looked like ornamental plaster inside a luxurious mansion in the best way. His pearly studded suit featured intricate patterns and cross stitched butterflies, and the matching shoes gave the look an overall popstar energy.

Glamorous: Allison Russell

The 3D flowers, structured cropped top and sheer opera gloves gave this pink and red look on Allison Russell an equally current and timeless appeal.

Glamorous: Megan Thee Stallion

This is how to do mixed prints and textures. The leopard print, peekaboo zebra print and embellished neckline on the gown are all intentionally extra, and Megan both amped it up with chunky gold bangles and toned it down with simple black heels.

Glamorous: Paris Hilton

It’s no secret that Paris Hilton loves a glam look, and this sheer, silver embellished gown with a cape delivers just that. She's also sporting a pair of fingerless gloves, which obviously complement the look, because we would expect no less from her.

Glamorous: Jasmine Sanders

The naked dress got yet another makeover—this time with black lace and red butterflies. Jasmine Sanders made the right call with a slicked topknot to keep the focus on the eye-catching gown.


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