The Korean American pianist and composer performed her new single ‘Golden Hour’ at the 80th Golden Globe Awards

Musician, composer and producer Chloe Flower took the stage today at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, but it wasn’t the Korean-American artist’s first time causing a stir with her music. Back in 2019, she made an appearance at the Grammys when she accompanied Cardi B for the rapper’s performance of Money, when Flower played a crystal piano from the famous creative arts centre Liberace Foundation. And the performance became an instant hit on social media.

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For her debut at the Golden Globes, Flower performed her original song, Golden Hour, which is said to be a tribute to Hollywood films’ instrumental music. This was just the latest feather in the cap for Flower, whose achievements range from working with other major international artists such as Celine Dion and Nas, to being the youngest member on the board of directors for Liberace Foundation. Here is what you should know about this amazing artist.

1. Flower doesn’t limit herself when it comes to music

Although classically trained on the piano—having started when she was just two years-old—she’s big on pop and hip hop. She incorporates many of those musical influences into her own work, and coined the term “popsical” to describe her own musical style: a portmanteau of pop and classical. In fact, she told lifestyle magazine Grazia that some classical practitioners consider her a sellout because of her love for other genres.

However, she sees it as an opportunity to break barriers, which has allowed her to collaborate with the likes of Celine Dion, Nas, Babyface and Questlove—as well as with people from outside the music industry such as author Deepak Chopra and ballerina Misty Copeland.

2. She is an activist against sex trafficking and slavery

Flower supports several organisations that work to empower survivors of sexual slavery and human trafficking, including Cambodian NGOs Somaly Mam Foundation and Acting for Women in Distressing Situations, as well as the LA-based Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Activism. Flower has spoken at the United Nations as a music education ambassador and was presented the Asia Society’s Last Girl Award by eminent feminist journalist Gloria Steinem in 2022 for her contributions to fighting human trafficking.

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3. She is a fan of Korean dramas—and their makeup

Though Flower grew up in America, she doesn’t shy away from her Korean roots, expressing her heritage through her music and her makeup. In an interview with Bustle, Flower shared that she gets most of her make-up inspiration from watching K-dramas. She says she loves the beautiful natural looks in those shows and often references their aesthetics when doing her own makeup.

4. She’s a fashion icon

Whenever there’s an opportunity to dress up, Flower rises to the occasion. Whether it’s a red-carpet appearance or an Instagram post, she loves bold colours and even bolder silhouettes, often opting for structural gowns, flamboyant details, and even pays tribute to the late and great American pianist Liberace through her sartorial choices.

She’s worn pieces by Elie Saab, Celine, Bottega Veneta and Oscar de la Renta, just to name a few of her preferred designers. For the 2023 Golden Globes, she wore a Stéphane Rolland outfit.


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