Cover We rounded up the best fashion moments of Mirror’s Anson Kong over the years (Photo:@_kisang_/Instagram)

Anson Kong from Hong Kong boy band Mirror is one of the city’s most loved singers, who captivates the hearts of many with not only his outstanding singing and dancing abilities, but also his impeccable fashion sense. Ahead, we rounded up the young talent’s most stylish looks to date, both on and off stage

Every time the Hong Kong boy band Mirror performs on stage or attend an event, millions of fans flock to the show to cheer on their favourite idols. Even for those who are not into Canto-pop with just a casual interest, they are hoping to catch a glimpse of these Hong Kong heartthrobs who have taken the city by storm.

The Canto-pop sensation—consisting of 12 members including Frankie Chan, Alton Wong, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, Anson Kong, Jer Lau, Ian Chan, Anson Lo, Jeremy Lee, Edan Lui, Keung To and Tiger Yau—are loved for their captivating music, gorgeous choreography and good looks. But these aren’t the only things to watch for.

The boys have also time and again proven their impeccable style since their debut—be it on stage, at fashion events, or even off-camera. And Anson Kong (who better known by his stage name AK), the vice-leader of Mirror, is one of the best-dressed of the bunch. He recently rang in his 29th birthday with the launch of his fashion label, KYUBI (which refers to the legendary nine-tailed foxes in Japanese folktales, symbolising protection and the pursuit of dreams), expressing his love for fashion and creative design skills.

As we gush over the stylish pieces from AK’s new clothing line, let’s take a look at some of the young talent's most notable looks through the years. 

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Charming suit looks

It’s impossible to discuss AK’s sartorial strengths without bringing up his suit looks. In November last year, he arrived at a Tudor watch event sporting a slim-fitting grey suit and the brand’s Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’ watch for a classic suit look that’s timeless and stylish.

Also worth mentioning is his appearance at the Citizen watch event that took place a few months ago, who was spotted flaunting another suit look featuring clean lines and a simple colour palette. The hair, the white blazer, the mysterious aura—perfection.  

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Monogram fashion

AK is never afraid of experimenting with colours and prints to make a statement. So, it came as no surprise that he constantly catches the attention of some of the world’s most established fashion brands, fronting new fashion campaigns one after another to impress fans with his love for bold fashion choices, such as monogram motifs.

From the chic outfit featuring Burberry’s summer TB monogram, to the eye-catching look complete with a Louis Vuitton monogram coat and a white shirt, the man surely knows how to rock the trend.

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Chic in hoodies

Incredibly cosy and versatile, hoodies are clearly an idol staple that ensures the wearer feeling comfortable while looking chic when the weather gets cooler. Here, AK stays true to the original identity of a basic hoodie and keeps things simple with a pair of white sneakers. The style icon has the ability to look stunning while not making any effort, and this all-black hoodie outfit is an example of that.

We also love the outfit that AK wore for Burberry's Olympia bag campaign, where he layered things up by teaming a white hoodie with the brand's signature trench coat and a cross-body bag from the new collection.

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Casual denim jackets

When he could have gone glam, AK went cosy, opting for a classic denim jacket from Balenciaga for his #OOTD shots. We love how he styled the piece with a simple white t-shirt and monogrammed bag, to achieve a look that’s both comfy and chic. A low-key outfit doesn’t have to mean boring.  

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Glam rock

If there’s something incredible about AK, it’s his chameleon-like ability to pull off anything from boy-to-next-door looks, to dashing suit ensembles and even fierce rockstar outfits. At Mirror’s “One & All” Live 2021 Concert which was held in May this year, AK once again proved that he wasn’t afraid to make his style just as show-stopping as his music, who went for an all-black glam rock look complete with a leather jacket and layered necklaces.  

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Cosy sweaters

While AK’s style is impressive all year round, his fall/winter sweater outfits are some of our favourites. He often donned colourful sweaters for luxury fashion campaigns that are equal parts sweet and sleek, who also has a penchant for more classic staples like a white crew-neck sweater that goes well with his boyish charm and bright personality.  

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Cool streetwear style

Blending his love of colours and streetwear, jackets in vibrant hues and chunky sneakers are a staple in AK’s wardrobe. One of AK’s most iconic streetwear looks is the outfits that he wore for Louis Vuitton’s FW21 campaign. Dressed confidently with a green plaid jacket, baggy jeans and chain accessories, AK proves that he’s one of those idols who can pull off everything and anything.


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