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If you’re aiming for a unique wedding experience, these delicious and unconventional wedding cakes will definitely stand out!

In many weddings, the bride and groom celebrate their union by slicing a white, moist cake that signifies prosperity, good luck, and fertility. The practice dates as far back as the Roman Times when the groom broke bread over the bride’s head.

Several years later, the tradition is very much alive but it has been replaced by more conventional tools and ways. Below are unique cakes you may want to try on your wedding day.

1. Art-inspired wedding cake

With the help of your trusty pastry chef, paintings can be transferred from majestic canvasses to the top of your wedding cake. Let vibrant colours and textures symbolise the fruitful relationship that you and your partner will have in the coming years!

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2. Black wedding cake

There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of uniqueness to food, especially with dessert. Ditch the typical white wedding cake and show off you and your partner's edgy and quirky personalities by slicing a stylish, black cake.

Tatler tip: To make the cake look lively, you may add designs that complement dark colours. Take a look at the photo above! 

3. Doughnut tower

Instead of slicing the cake, you and your partner can try picking up a doughnut and let each other get a bite. Because of this, it will also be easier for the guests to get their share! 

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4. Pizza wedding cake

Not all wedding meals have to be sweet! You and your partner can try slicing a pizza tower on your big day. Let us just hope that no debates will be made regarding pineapple's presence on top of your lovely cake. 

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5. Edible Items

Veer away from the classic, round wedding cakes and try the more daring and fun "edible items". You and your partner can choose from a range of objects that remind you of each other or symbols that only you and your loved ones can understand (e.g. the shoe you wore on your first date, your partner's baseball cap, and more). 

6. Movie or book-inspired

If you and your partner are fans of a specific movie, book, or show, try slicing cake inspired by it. The cake shows off the things that both of you have in common!

7. Smash cake

There is another way of breaking the cake without the use of knives. You and your partner can order a smash cake that is made of hard frosting. Take turns in smashing the cake or use it for photo ops. 

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