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Look amazing with these blue wedding accessories to draw in luck on your big day!

Wearing something blue on your wedding day has been a tradition for the longest time—dating back to Victorian times. It’s part of the rhyme that goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” that surfaced in 1871 in the short story titled Marriage Superstitions and the Miseries of a Bride Elect. The shade of blue is believed to symbolise loyalty, faithfulness and purity and is usually the garter.

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Today, many people still wear a blue garter on their big day to keep the tradition alive. This time, however, Tatler lists down different ways to wear blue accessories to draw in good luck on your most special day.

1. Blue Heels

First thing’s first—the shoes you’ll be walking down the aisle with is just as important as the gown you’re wearing on your wedding day. You may consider comfort and style, but you might as well think of the colour. Instead of slipping on glittering heels, wear a pair in the lighter shades like baby blue, powder blue or cornflower.

2. Blue Sunglasses

Bright, sunny weddings are the best time to wear sunglasses. Don’t hesitate to throw in a blue pair of sunglasses after the ceremony to throw in a bit of colour. Just be sure to choose a style that matches your dress, and you’ll still look chic and gorgeous in your white dress.

3. Blue Bag

Some brides believe purses are essential. They prefer to bring a few items with them just in case of emergencies such as lipstick, tissue or mint. Just in case the wedding gown isn’t made with pockets, a small pouch or bag can come in handy. It’s the perfect time to carry one in blue.

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4. Blue Jewellery

A great way to wear blue subtly without having to worry if it matches your dress is by wearing dainty blue jewellery. Unless you’ve decided to don a wedding gown in the shade of blue, try to avoid wearing pieces that have bold designs. Instead, opt for a pair of studs or a necklace with a floating pendant.

5. Blue Hair Pins and Clips

How about a blue hair clip for a change? Ditch those boring bobby pins and wear a gorgeous blue clip instead. It can keep your hair in place and keep your hairstyle in check.

6. Blue Headpiece

Why not don a headpiece instead for added glamour? A single headpiece can transform your whole wedding ensemble in an instant. It doesn’t have to be floral as there are various designs that can match your theme and your taste, be it tiaras to headbands.

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7. Blue Belt or Sash

If it complements your wedding dress, try wearing a blue belt or sash. It’s an added elegance that you don’t have to think much about. Wearing this can also make your dress more personalised. You may even have it customised to make it as unique as you wish.

8. Bonus: Blue Lingerie

If you’re not particularly into jewellery, then blue lingerie would be a great choice. Find something comfy and blue so you can still wear your wedding gown on top without a frown as you’ll be spending almost the entire day in that dress. Plus, it’s a cute wedding night outfit choice!

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