Renowned for its cutting-edge innovations in anti-ageing skincare, beloved Japanese brand Pola relaunched in Singapore in 2020

No one wants to age—not outwardly, anyway. That's why skincare enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest trends in anti-ageing treatment, with crowd favourites such as blue light protection, beauty tools and even microbiome-friendly skincare rapidly gaining popularity in recent months. However, what's trendy may not always be what's best for our skin. In fact, the most effective way to stave off signs of ageing lie in the fundamentals of skincare—cleansing, moisturising and sun protection—which is why we were excited to learn that Japanese skincare brand Pola had relaunched in Singapore last year.

Established in 1929, Japan's leading anti-ageing skincare brand was born from founder Shinobu Suzuki's love for his wife. After seeing how chapped his wife's hands were from looking after the household, Suzuki, a scientist, used his expertise to create an effective hand cream tailored just for her—this same sincerity and scientific acumen go into crafting Pola's products today.

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At the forefront of Pola's product lines is their Bio-Active, or B.A, range, which is currently in its sixth generation. The latest version of products arrived in Singapore only in early 2021. 

B.A is said to be the skincare line with the most accolades in the world—B.A 6th alone has garnered over 250 awards since its launch in Japan in 2020. Yet, the skincare experts at Pola are not resting on their laurels. 

The new B.A 6th represents a scientific breakthrough for Pola. By studying the deepest layers of the skin where 98 per cent of the genome lies dormant, researchers at Pola were able to identify the LINC00942 gene from over 50,000 others. This gene acts as a “switch” that transforms ageing cells to ageless ones and when switched on by B.A 6th, causes intercellular networks throughout the skin to become activated, producing younger, firmer skin brimming with vitality.

The B.A range also reflects Pola's research on skin damage. As one of the first companies in the skincare industry to research glycation—a phenomenon responsible for skin dullness—the Japanese marque discovered that addressing this concern prevented yellowing and led to skin clarity.

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For those who wish to pamper their skin even further, Pola also offers B.A Service Esthe, a premium facial treatment based on the company's flagship range. Offered complimentary to select members as part of Pola's loyalty programme, this anti-ageing treatment cares for the face and the oft-overlooked décolleté region, reinvigorating the skin for a glow from within.

In recognition of its breakthroughs in scientific research, Pola has received the Most Meritorious Award on five occasions from the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), an association made up of over 16,000 cosmetic chemists from 80 countries dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology.

With over 19 million real skin data samples collected and analysed to date, its revolutionary skin knowledge is also manifested in its countless award-winning lines and quasi-drug ranges approved by Japan's notoriously demanding Ministry of Health. In light of such dedication to excellence and scientific acumen, it comes as no surprise that Pola can count socialites, celebrities, and even the Japanese imperial family among its fans.

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