Cover With its extensive library of botanical extracts, MTM Labo seeks to unlock radiant and healthy glowing skin (Photos; MTM Labo)

Ever the purveyor of custom-blended solutions, MTM Labo has a specialised skincare treatment just for you

When it comes to skincare, the important thing to remember is that every person’s skin is unique. Hence, the way we ought to care for our skin would differ from person to person. That doesn't mean that a single skincare brand cannot meet all your needs though. For proof, just look at MTM Labo's custom-blended solutions.

Boasting an expansive library of botanical extracts, MTM Labo aims to provide its users with a bespoke experience where they are able to have skincare products crafted to meet each individual’s specific needs. What’s more, the brand's customised skincare management services assess each client’s unique skin condition, then works with them to attain healthy, glowing skin.

Here’s how MTM Labo’s custom-blended approach will reinvigorate your skincare routine.

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A Formulated Selection

From calendula to bearberry extracts, MTM Labo boasts an expansive library of botanical extracts that rejuvenate and treat our skin. 

Since its inception in 1991, MTM Labo has worked with such botanical extracts to help its clients perfect their miens. However, in order to best maximise the rejuvenating effects brought about by the active ingredients in these extracts, it’s crucial to have an intimate understanding of an individual’s skin and its needs in order to create a suitable custom-blended solution. 

Hence, every journey at MTM Labo begins with a one-on-one consultation with their experienced consultants, who will assess your skin’s condition alongside your habits and lifestyle to get a clear picture of your skin’s needs. Following that, the consultants will take you through the products and services that will benefit your skin before going through and then formulating a custom-blended solution from their library of botanical extracts. 

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A Bespoke Facial Experience

Facials have earned a reputation as a quick, effective way to pamper oneself, while also improving one’s skin with minimal effort. However, not all facial treatments have the same effect on people, leading to them being less effective than intended. MTM Labo’s signature tailored approach, however, takes that guesswork out of things.

Through the use of MTM Labo’s signature MTM aesthetics profiling system (MAPS)—which will offer skin data that provide valuable insights about the past, present and future of one’s skin—consultants will be able to best recommend the botanical extracts and solutions for your needs. 

Whether it's the azure lumilifacial, the es’te amour facial, or the synergica facial, each treatment incorporates one’s own custom-blended skincare essence. The result of this approach is a personalised treatment that precisely targets individual skincare concerns, stimulating cell renewal and rejuvenating the skin from within.

A Solution for Dark Circles

As we age, our collagen production begins to decline resulting in a decreased level of skin rejuvenation that leads to wrinkles and dark circles. Together with our lifestyles, habits, genetics, environmental factors or some combination of them all, dark eye circles are certainly something difficult to treat. However, with the MTM Labo’s custom-blended eye mask—which compromises of collagen pad outlines as well as your own essence blend—those dark circles can soon be gone. 

Rich in okra extract and alpha-arbutin, the collagen pad outlines help to reduce the formation of stress lines as well as impede the melanin synthesis that causes the appearance of dark circles. Applied with the custom essence that has been enriched with prunus domestica extract, which inhibits the transmission of melanin within the skin, the kit effectively treats and prevents future dark circles. 

Everyday’s Work

Healthy skin is not the result of just having access to the best treatments alone but with consistent care. One particular thing that Kelly Keak, managing director of MTM Labo Singapore, swears by is regular exfoliation. 

“As we age, the rate of desquamation, which is the process of shedding dead skin cells, slows down. This leads to a variety of complexion issues,” Keak shares.

Recognising that she might be tempted to skip the exfoliation process altogether after a long day, Keak has found a way to easily incorporate it into her routine by combining it with her cleansing step: “My secret tip is to mix our MTM Labo custom-blended milk cleanser with our latest MTM Labo custom-blended scrub as part of my night cleansing routine after a long day.”

“The milk cleanser is rich in sweet almond oil that thoroughly cleanses without stripping the skin and leaving skin refreshingly soft and clean. Combined with the custom-blended scrub, which contains natural scrub particles, natural enzymes and fruit acids, it can effectively soften and remove dead skin cells without adding burden to your tender skin. Coupled with Apricot Kernel Oil can help to moisturize and nourish the skin during the removal of dead skin cells,” she goes on to explain the effects of her solution.

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