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La Prairie celebrates 90 years of Swiss cellular science and the brand's iconic products crafted from singular ingredients

Caviar is best known as a luxury gourmet treat. But beauty innovators at La Prairie have been exploring what else the coveted ingredient is capable of. More than 30 years ago, the skincare brand discovered that the pearlescent black eggs contained nourishing, rejuvenating properties; since then, caviar has been a mainstay of its signature collection, with a formula refined over the decades by scientists.

For its Skin Caviar range, La Prairie sources only top-of-the-line farmed caviar from a passionate artisanal cultivator based in the Swiss Alps. The team has since developed a cutting-edge set of extracts ranging from the skin-lifting Caviar Premier to the enriching Caviar Absolute.

These two extracts collide in the brand’s signature, and recently reformulated, Skin Caviar Liquid Lift serum, designed to create a lifted appearance and reduce signs of ageing. 

La Prairie’s interest in unexpected and boundary-pushing ingredients isn’t limited to luxe foodstuffs. Driven by 90 years of Swiss cellular science—culminating in the brand’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, which forms the basis of almost every La Prairie product—each product is enhanced with precious ingredients, from Swiss caviar to platinum and gold. Bridging decades of tradition and craftsmanship with an inherently modern aesthetic, the Platinum Rare, Pure Gold and White Caviar collections were born.

Beyond optimising the properties of natural ingredients for use in skincare, the Clinique La Prairie facility in Switzerland is the birthplace of cellular therapy, an innovative treatment designed to combat visible signs of ageing, discovered by La Prairie’s founder Dr Paul Niehans. Dr Niehans' take on cellular therapy was sought by popes, actors such as Marlene Dietrich, and members of the Japanese royal family, and the principles behind cellular therapy treatments and products are a key pillar of the brand’s approach to skincare today.

La Prairie takes inspiration from nature and art to develop its scientific research. Sourcing precious ingredients from its surrounding natural landscapes, La Prairie hopes to give back and contribute to environmental preservation in return. Part of the brand’s mission is to protect the environment where its sturgeons are raised; La Prairie partners with ETH Zurich Glaciology Section on a project to help preserve the region's alpine glaciers. 

Staying true to its origins, La Prairie seeks to create new connections with the art world by connecting through art fairs, cultural institutions and emerging and established art fairs. Through its partnership with Art Basel, La Prairie takes viewers on a journey of beauty that is far beyond skin deep, immersing them in nature and highlighting the importance of preserving it. 

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