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Entrepreneur Julie Jalandoni-Boschi shares her evening beauty secrets and top-rated products in our new Before Bed series!

The perfect skincare regimen for your complexion exists, it just takes a good deal of research and practice. However, if you find yourself in a constant loop of hits and misses, make things a tad bit easier for yourself by learning from skincare enthusiasts and specialists. Gone are the days of only dreaming of a flawless face as now we feature various personalities who seem to know the key to achieving their best skin.

This time, the belle for Tatler's Before Bed series is Julie Jalandoni-Boschi, wonder mom to four daughters, a homemaker, a fashion and food entrepreneur. Join Julie and discover her skincare secrets, hacks, nightmares, and tips:

What is your skin type?  

My skin has transitioned from combination to dry as I enter my 5th decade.

Who influenced your skincare routine?  

Two women, two products and two lessons. Scenes and scents from my childhood always had Pond’s Cold Cream and Coppertone. 

Lesson 1: My grandmother’s nightly ritual starts with cleaning her face with Pond’s cold cream so cleaning the face before going to bed is one rule I never forget.

Lesson 2: Sunblock wasn’t as commonly used as it is now but my mom was such a stickler for sun protection even back then. We were always at the beach or poolside and she would corral all the kids in one area, all of us standing in swimsuits, covered with that white goop, waiting for 20 minutes to go by. No sunblock, no swimming, no sun. 

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What is your evening skincare routine? Take us through each step in your routine; tell us the brand and how you use each product.

I have tried all sorts of facial cleansers over the years and somehow, each one left my skin irritated or tight. I always loved drugstore finds and I came across Bioderma in Paris. I wasn’t even familiar with micellar water then. At first, I used it with facial wash but graduated to just rinsing my face with water after I use it. It has been a few years practising this and I have never been happier. 


I’m not a big serum user but the reality of ageing skin means putting more care into my skincare. La Prairie and La Mer are the two formulations my skin react very well to. My daughter has introduced me to The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid formula and so far, so good.

My general rule is that warm weather equals light moisturiser or fast-absorbing oils, so the pores do not get clogged. My warm weather arsenal includes La Mer soft moisturising cream, my own mix of frankincense oil with lavender, Embryolisse lait creme formula (another drug store favourite) and Dr Jart. I reach for Nuxe oil or Bio-oil when I do not want creamy formulas on my skin. 

Cold weather means La Mer original moisturising cream, probably even a layer of petroleum jelly (shocker) around my lip area where I get flaky skin. La Prairie is also an old favourite. 

[For eye cream, I use] La Mer eye balm or Eversus Natura eye cream (an organic brand from Italy).

[I also use] Caudalie Facial Mist especially on humid nights.

What are your holy grail products?

Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I cannot sleep unless my skin is clean and this is the only way my skin feels clean. I am always under the sun so this is essential. I have used and loved many brands over the years but Anessa sunscreen works for me now because it is light, non-sticky and devoid of scent. And Frankincense oil, the only thing that erased my melasma. 

How did you find a skincare routine that works for you? What was your trial and error process?  

I wish I could say that I am faithful to one line or product but the truth is, our skin changes as we age. Food choices, weather changes, and stress levels also affect our skin. I have learned to listen to my skin and not pummel it with whatever brand has caught my fancy. I find that it is more important to eat well (no more chips or preservative-laden food for me), sleep at the right time, and just generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I am definitely not a 10-step kind of gal. The fewer products, the better. With all the products I have listed above, it is not unusual that I skip a few steps every night. Prevention is key so I learned to listen to my skin so I know what it loves.

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What is a skincare hack you think we should know?  

My skin texture and elasticity has improved dramatically ever since I stopped using any form of facial wash or facial cleanser. Bioderma Sensibio is the only cleanser I use for years now.

It is easy to unconsciously frown or squint and this can cause lines. I try to relax my face whenever I remember to do so. 

The air becomes too dry when the aircon is on so I cool the room then shut it off or during really warm nights, a bowl of water by the bedside just to have some humidity in the air.

For sun-worshippers like me, a hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses go a long way.

Do you use facemasks?

In another lifetime, I have been using the VXY nano invisible facelift mask for that instant lift before important events and meetings. Once a month, I would slather on La Mer intensive revitalising mask to wake up my skin.

Just like everyone else, I have settled into a more relaxed lifestyle. Putting on a mask represents something else for me now. It means I have time to stay still, be lost in my thoughts, daydream, pray, meditate. Self-care has become more mindful, targeted towards mental and emotional well-being. 

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Do you have a skincare horror story? 

More like a wake-up call. I used to dive every weekend, play the occasional golf game, and swim regularly. I had one of those skin analysis tests and my sun damage was horrific. What went on under the skin was way worse than what we see on the surface. I controlled my sun exposure. Sunscreen became my best friend and I’m never without a hat when outdoors. It has taken years but a recent skin analysis showed that these practices paid off.

How often do you practise skin fasting? 

Guilty of skipping skincare even when I do not mean to. But it does make sense to take a regular break from products so our skin can breathe. I am usually barefaced during the day except for sunscreen.

Are there any skincare rules you’ve broken that have done wonders to your skin?

Any form of soap does not touch my face anymore. It works for me. I use a baking soda scrub when I feel a lot of dead skin. I just mix baking soda with some cream and scrub gently.

In skincare, the only rule is to listen to your skin. What works for another may not work for you. 

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