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Hourglass Cosmetics joins the cult of colour with its Curator Collection. We speak with founder Carisa Janes to find out which hues evoke moments that are close to her heart...

I've always been partial to a neutral palette. Black, white, the occasional green or pink if I'm feeling adventurous. But after a pretty bleak year and a half, I have found myself—consciously or subconsciously—gravitating towards colour. 

Carisa Janes, founder of the luxurious Earth-friendly Hourglass Cosmetics, says she feels the same. "As the world begins to open up again, we've seen a lot of bold and vibrant colours as opposed to neutrals," she says. 

Hourglass Cosmetics has long been known and loved for its neutral palette of pretty nudes, reds and earthy tones. But its latest release, the Curator Eyeshadow Collection, is the fresh take on colour we didn’t even know we needed, featuring 40 highly pigmented shades designed to mix and match in refillable packaging crafted from tin and post-consumer recycled plastic.

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"The collection lets you express yourself creatively. You can snap different shades into your palette anytime. There’s a limitless range of looks you can achieve, based on your mood or different occasions, which is both liberating and exciting," says Janes, who adds that the customisable aspect is a "game changer" in terms of waste reduction "because you don’t end up with a palette full of shades you’ll never use. "

We caught up with Janes to find out what colours capture the emotion of special memories and moments, below.

Hi Carisa! What colours remind you of...

Your childhood  

"The color green reminds me of my childhood, as I spent most of my time climbing trees. The shade Bid, a shimmery olive tone, really captures that carefree spirit for me."


"Lighter tones match that carefree, airy vibe of the warmer months. And now that we can get out into the world again, I think wearing them in a shimmer or metallic shade gives that extra pop of vibrancy. Pry is a gorgeous rose gold metallic and Bee is a peachy shimmer, both of which can easily transition from day to night. "


"Fall reminds me of rich, beautiful rustic tones—oranges, browns, maybe a mauve. We have an amazing Pre-Curated 3-Pan Palette that's ideal for fall called Warm Copper. The matte shade, Foe, really balances the vibrant copper and amber metallics of the other two shades, Act and Lux, which perfectly reflects those seasonal hues."


"I tend to think of soft, feminine pinks for romance, so I would go with something that creates a blushing, rosy look. A perfect 3-pan option would be the shades Fox, Key and Her. Or, I'd go with a trio of Pry, May and Fog to create a soft lilac tone for something a little more sultry."


"I would say Pow. It’s a warm cranberry colour, which I think is a powerful statement shade that still provides so much warmth and liveliness. " 

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