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We chat to cult favourite make-up brand Hourglass Cosmetics on its latest product launches, the challenges of going fully vegan, and working with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Get ready, as today (Friday, July 17) Hourglass is releasing two new make-up products in Hong Kong and worldwide. As part of the brand's Fall Collection, Hourglass will not only be adding to its best-selling Ambient Lighting range, but also giving fans a brand new mascara.

From what to expect from the new launches, to the challenges of going totally vegan, and the products you need to add to your collection, we talk to founder and CEO Carisa Janes, as well as official brand ambassador and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to find out more.

The Fall Collection

As part of the brand's new fall collection, Hourglass has launched two new products: the Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder and the Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara.

Talking of the new powder, Janes explains that it “is a combination of the original ambient lighting palette”. A cult favourite of the brand, those in the know use the technique of swiping a make-up brush across all three shades to get the best result – something that the brand was aiming to replicate with the new product.

"We thought, how do we combine all of those elements into one powder?" recalls Janes, "so we took the ambient dim, diffused and strobe lighting powder and blended them all into one. The result was this beautiful magical powder that created this gorgeous glow and natural radiant finish, and just a beautiful surreal filtered look to the skin.”
When it comes to the new mascara, Janes states that it is “very different to the original Caution Mascara which gave a thickening, dramatic effect. This is very lengthening, separating and gives you the effect of lash extensions, really making your lashes look very long. I love them both but they’re very different. Some people like to use them together, but it just depends what look you like and how you like to style your lashes”. 

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Partnering with Rosie

For those that have been previously unaware of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (where have you been?), the British model found fame in the noughties, walking the runway for luxury brands including Burberry, Givenchy, Oscar De La Renta and more, along with becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2010.
After previously collaborating with Hourglass in 2019, at the start of 2020, Rosie was announced as the brand’s first official celebrity ambassador. Speaking of how the partnership came about, Janes states that it was “very organic”, going on to say that “we were always a huge fan of Rosie and Rosie Inc. [Rosie's own beauty platform], and I think Rosie was using our products and we were like oh my god we love her and she’s so Hourglass, and it just kind of evolved from there.”

I always envisioned the hourglass woman to be almost like a superhero – in my mind she was strong, powerful, beautiful, modern and kind, and always had a lot of grace, and Rosie just fit that model. On top of that she’s also a mother, an entrepreneur and a leader… it was an easy choice as it’s very difficult to find someone with all those qualities
Carisa Janes

When questioned on why she was drawn to working with the brand, Rosie explains, “it’s funny, I always say it’s like a relationship where I knew Hourglass long before Hourglass knew me as I’ve been a fan of the brand for 7 or 8 years now. I first discovered the brand when a makeup artist used one of the bronzers on me and I was just blown away by how beautiful it was.” 
Rosie goes onto to say that she loved the product and the brand so much that she “immediately the next day went and bought a bunch of Hourglass products, which have really lived in my personal makeup bag ever since”.
After working with Marc Reagan, the brand's Director of Global Artistry, Education & Events on the launch of the Vanish Foundation in 2019, Rosie met Janes for lunch and “fell in love with her” – adding, “and I assumed she kind of liked me too”.

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To get to work alongside a brand you’ve been a genuine fan girl of for so many years is really exciting, I get to talk about products with true integrity meaning and admiration. It’s been a phenomenal experience – and my face was on a bus this year, who gets that!?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie's go-to products

When it comes to Rosie’s favourite Hourglass products, the model was quick to name the new Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder and Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara among her go-tos.
“When I think of Hourglass, I think of the powders, so I was really excited about the launch of the infinity powder. It blew me away when I tried it about three weeks ago. I was told it would be a little like the Ambient Lighting Palette, which I’ve always described to be the perfect introduction to the brand as its super universal, and so this for me is like taking it that notch up and an extension to that collection as it’s all in one. I was really blown away to see the effect of this and how it gives that signature Hourglass glow, luminosity and candle lit skin.”
Naturally, Rosie also had high praise for the Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, explaining “as someone who loves to get lash extensions but hasn’t been able to over the last four months [due to the global outbreak of Covid-19], I’ve been so excited to try this. It’s been so great to find a replacement for that. I love the way it lifts, lengths and defines”, describing it as “the perfect everyday mascara”.
When probed for other favourite’s from the brand’s vast collection Rosie mentions the Vanish Airbrush Concealer as her number one, going so far as saying that she “wanted to scream about his product from the rooftops”.
“I used a concealer from a different brand for many years before and I was convinced I’d never move on from it, so it [the concealer] had a tall order to fill. But when I first tried this it was just such an incredible concealer, I don’t wear foundation anymore day to day and it gives such beautiful coverage. It’s not matte, dry, cakey or oily, it just leave your skin looking like skin but that little bit better”

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I'm all about quickness like most people. When you’re getting ready, you don’t want to spend a tonne of time, but you want it to look to look like it did.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

It seems, that the concealer is the product to buy, with Janes stating “I think it’s my all-time favourite hourglass product”. Marc Reagan also attests to loving the concealer, saying “I have to agree, and I’m not just conveniently jumping on the bandwagon!”

Along with the concealer, Rosie counts "the bronzer, the blush, the lip oils" among her must-have products.

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Going vegan

Since launching in 2004, Hourglass has always taken a solid stance against animal testing. Going one step further, the brand has committed to be 100% vegan by the end of 2020.

In the process, Janes and her team were faced with several challenges – the biggest of which was "that most manufacturers have always used animal-derived ingredients so it was taking the time and commitment to find alternatives to some of these ingredients – which was a big commitment in terms of time and inventory for the team." explains Janes.  

"We believed it was the right thing for us as a brand, ultimately we’re toting ourselves as cruelty-free and how can we be cruelty-free if we’re using animal-derived ingredient? That was just a question I had to resolve and we couldn’t until we became vegan”.
When it comes to why being cruelty-free was always so important to Janes in the making of her brand, she says simply, “I just think, for me as a little girl all I thought about was horses and animals and makeup” “I came into the world that way and loved animals so it was very organic and always part of me and part of the brand”

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We’re not doing it because its trending, it’s just truly who we are.
Caria Janes

The brand's success

And why does Janes think her brand has amassed such cult status? “I think because we try really hard and we ultimately care when we develop products. We think about the performance, the packaging. Every step is important to us and we think about the customer and the consumer and making her happy... it’s like the makeup artist is in the product, you don’t have to be an expert, you brush it on and the product performs”.

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