In Hong Kong to launch #Mydentity, his custom line of hair colour, Guy Tang (the Instagram-famous LA-based hair artist) discusses the latest hair trends, cool shades and the future of ombré

With over 2.3 million Instagram followers and counting, Guy Tang is widely regarded as the original King of Balayage.

Back when the ‘paint-by-hand’ hair colouring technique was still unheard of to the rest of the world (including Hong Kong), Guy was already creating killer melts from his studio in LA—and broadcasting it to the world via YouTube and Instagram.


Some of his most famous videos feature YouTube celebrities Michelle Phan and Blogilates’ Cassey Ho (remember the rose gold look?), but today, Guy is focused on building his global empire with the launch of his new line of custom hair colour, #Mydentity.

His schedule currently takes him all over the world to meet his #HairBesties, a global community of Guy Tang fans and hair artists who are keen to learn from the best.

During his stop in Hong Kong, Guy shared with us the latest hair trends, hair protection tips and the future of ombré (in between bites of egg tarts and bouts of twerking):

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What are the latest trends in hair colour?

Anything I put up on Instagram (laughs). ‘Cuz when I say it’s hot, it’s gonna be hot.

Right now, it's all about naked, blush tones and flesh-like colours: think beige, mauve and blush, with a powder-like finish.

Is balayage and ombré still a thing?

Balayage and ombré are there in different forms. Balayage is a technique when you paint the colour on—it’ll always be there. It’s just that we’re using the word less. When it first became popular, it was like we’d never heard of that word before. Now, it’s become overused, almost typical.

Is there any hair trend you hate?

I don’t hate anything, honestly. I might not care to do some of the looks out there but I don’t hate it. I feel like there’s a place for everything and everybody has the freedom to express themselves—as long as they’re using my colour line, #Mydentity. (laughs)

Any thoughts on Hong Kong hairstyles and colour?

I haven’t had enough time to observe. So far, everything I’ve seen here is a little more solid.

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What’s a good hair colour for summer?

It really depends on where you live. Nowadays, it’s about doing what feels right for you—what feels comfortable. If you want to be blonde, go blonde. But know that if you colour your hair and you live under the hot sun, you’re going to have to protect your hair.

What's the best way to protect the hair and keep the colour fresh?

Use a good colour protection shampoo, and try not to shampoo it all the time (aim for every 3-4 days). Although if you bleach your whole head out, you'd be surprised by how little you need to shampoo your head. Otherwise, wear a big hat. 

What makes #Mydentity different from other colour lines?

I customise and formulate the colours w/ my chemist so everything is very unique. Most colour companies are private label, which means that the colours are already made on the shelf. They just go into the lab and go, "I want ABCD," grab it, add a label and a fragrance to it.

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The route I took wasn't like that. That's why the colours are so unique compared to other brands. It makes it easier to create rose gold, dusty lavender, colour melts and ombrés without overtaxing the hair too much.

Also, everything is kept on a cooler tone. If you don’t like brassy hair, you’re going to love #Mydentity.

Do you still take clients?

I haven’t been taking clients for over four years. Right now, I have an amazing team so I actually just give my clients to my team. They feel safe because my team is trained by me and they use the same colour line as me. Of course, they miss me, but there’s a handful of them that I still do, all the time. 

Can you recommend any hair colourists in Hong Kong?

I haven’t met enough to really know, but MC Wu seems to know what he's doing.  

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