Achieve the ultimate in night-time chic

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Thakoon S/S17 (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans) 

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you would have noticed that almost every other celebrity red carpet outfit this season was paired with a slicked, wet hair look.

Gigi Hadid in particular sported the I-just-got-out-of-the-pool look so often, we began to wonder if her pre-party prep was in fact sub-aquatic. 

Admittedly, the style is a little intimidating for us mere mortals to attempt; but done right it can add a bad girl edge to the frilliest of dresses and a magnetic insouciance to a black tie gown.

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Loewe S/S17 and Giambattista Valli A/W17 (Photos: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans)

As a look, its beauty lies in its confident defiance of societal norms; in the way it says “my face is good enough to pull this off, and I know it.”

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So invest in some quality styling products and a good comb, and start layering on that product. A slicked-back ponytail is a gentler starting point—but pull out a strand or two for an up-to-date twist.

Ready to give it a try? Here's what you'll need to get the look:

 Davines.jpgYour Hair Assistant Volume Creator by Davines 

Oribe.jpgCurl Gloss Hydration & Hold by Oribe 


 Josh Rosebrook.jpg

Firm Hold Hair Spray by Josh Rosebrook 


Christophe Robin .jpg

Cleansing Volumizing Paste by Christophe Robin 

 Philip B.jpg

Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up! Volumizing Root Booster & Finishing Spray by Philip B

 Josh Rosebrook Cream.jpg

Medium Hold Styling Cream by Josh Rosebrook

C paste.jpgC Paste by O&M

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