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Find out all about how Chanel is seriously embracing science, innovation and sustainability with their brand new camellia-scented collection

The camellia, Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic flower, has been at the heart of the French luxury brand since its conception—constantly reimagined and reinterpreted over the years in haute couture, high horology, jewellery and beauty. This month, Chanel introduces its latest iteration of the camellia with N°1 de Chanel, a brand new beauty line of skincare, make-up and fragrance mist. 

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Camellia Reborn

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Above 'The Czar' camellia flower

The hero ingredient of N°1 de Chanel is the red camellia flower extract, from 'The Czar' variety of Camellia Japonica. Over a decade, Chanel has collaborated with the Department of Biotechnology and Ageing at the University of Natural Resource and Life Sciences in Vienna to discover the age-reversing power of the flower. 

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Replicating the different stages of a skin cell's life cycle, the expert researchers tested efficacy of this potent concentrate on reducing the impact of internal and external aggressors, such as stress and pollution, with exceptional results. The final formula contains 76% of camellia derivatives.

The brand also established a camellia field and research laboratory in Gaujacq, France, dedicating itself to innovating agroecological cultivation and extraction technology with a mission to ensure the highest concentration of beneficial plant molecules from the petals, seeds and yeast for this revolutionary new beauty line. 

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A Closer Look at N°1 de Chanel

The full range of N°1 de Chanel comprises of six skincare products, two make-up essentials and a sensual fragrance mist, L'Eau Rouge. 

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In line with Gabrielle Chanel's belief that there is no separation of the body and the emotions, the skincare products offer a sensorial experience unlike any other, while addressing the five major concerns of women: lines and wrinkles, pore visibility, loss of elasticity, lack of comfort and radiance. 

For instance, the unique textures of the powder-to-foam cleanser, cooling serum and whipped cream moisturiser make for indulgent additions to the skincare routine, especially with the intoxicating scent.

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Chanel's new make-up essentials are all about achieving effortless and youthful radiance that lasts all day. Infused with red camellia oil, the revitalising foundation provides medium coverage and an instant, hydrating luminosity while the multi-use balm gives a natural rouge for the lips and cheek and can be applied using just the fingertips. 

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Embracing Sustainability

Environmental consideration and sustainability were the key considerations in the process of creating this new beauty line.

Every part of the camellia, Gabrielle Chanel's emblematic flower, is incorporated into the products, including transforming its hard seed shells into the lids of the creams. In fact, bio-based materials is only the first step in ensuring the eco-friendliness of N°1 de Chanel's packaging. The whole collection has been carefully designed to reduce glass weight, omit cellophane and include recyclable materials, with three international patents pending for the impressive eco-design of their refillable cream jars.

The Faces of N°1 de Chanel

Spot South Korean model and Squid Game star, Jung Ho-yeon as the face of another luxury campaign. She joins fellow big names from all around the world, Liu Wen, Akon Changkou, Mona Tougaard, and Vittoria Ceretti.

Starting today, you can browse N°1 de Chanel in-store or online


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