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For these celebrities, time is nothing but a concept. Just check their youthful faces for proof!

No matter who or where you are in life, no beauty regimen can perfectly prevent the signs of ageing, but some people must have really found the fountain of youth. Listed below are celebrities spared by the ravages of time. 

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1. Blake Lively

Gossip Girl's Serena Celia van der Woodsen still looks the same years after her last appearance in the show. Now 33 years old, Blake Lively enjoys looking young with her lovely children and husband Ryan Reynolds.

In April 2019, Lively gave her followers a peek inside her beauty drawer. The actress uses budget-friendly products like Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, Beauty Elixir Setting Spray by Caudalie, Cellularose Brightening CC Serum from By Terry, and sunscreen from Darphin.

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2. Keanu Reeves

Yes, the lead actors in The Matrix (1999) and John Wick Chapter 3 (2019) are the same person and it's really impossible for movie watchers to miss it— Keanu Reeves looks pretty much the same even when the movies were shot in different eras.

In an interview, Reeves revealed that the "secret" behind his youthful glow is because of his carefully designed workout routine. The Hollywood legend mixes high-intensity routines with low-impact exercises and he also values rest. 

3. Kanye West

In 2004, 27-year-old Kanye West released his first album, "The College Dropout." Now in his 40s, the star continues to make music with his hugely hyped 10th album looming around. Entering fortyhood is a piece of cake for Ye. While the actor did not reveal any secret, fans have suggested that he made "40 look cool" by merely focusing on his goals (music and business). 

4. Beyoncé

Two decades after becoming the star of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé Knowles still carries an irresistible aura and a youthful glow. In an interview, the singer revealed that she uses a drugstore staple called Aquaphor every night. "I go to bed looking totally greasy, it's not all glamour all the time."

In another interview, she disclosed that one of her beauty must-haves is Smith's Rosebud Salve. "I wear it with my lipstick. I did this trick last summer when I was on vacation: I used it to prime my lashes before curling. It was like a natural mascara. It made the lashes hold the curl and look shiny. I use it for everything!"

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5. Mila Kunis

When Mila Kunis was offered the role of Jackie Burkhart for That 70's Show, a policy stated that all the cast have to be 18 years old. Few years after the programme, the actress revealed that she was actually 14 and lied to get the role. 

Today, the actress doesn't look like she aged at all. Her secret? a "simple" skincare routine. "I like to keep it very simple. I wash my face twice a day regardless of how exhausted I am. I wash my face at night and I wash it in the morning with Panthenol cleanser. It's the simplest cleanser... I also use Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream.” 


6. Will Smith

In his 2019 film Gemini Man, producers decided to make Will Smith look "23 years" younger through CGI; but if we're being totally honest, the actor, who is known for his acting range and humour, didn't seem to need added help from Hollywood's top-of-the-line tech. Years after his first appearance on TV, Smith still looks like his younger self.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Believe it or not, Jennifer Aniston just turned 52 this year; yet many of her fans noticed that she still looks like her '90s-self when she rose to fame as Rachel Green on Friends. Her beauty regimen includes putting on an SPF 50 sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and dark spots. She also takes her health and fitness seriously by doing a 20-minute elliptical workout and three-minute planks

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