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From James Dyson to James Ratcliffe, get to know the 10 richest people in the UK, as reported by the Forbes 2021 Billionaires List

Though the fortune's of UK billionaires may pale in comparison to the likes of the USA, the country's rich do keep getting richer, with Forbes reporting that, as of spring 2021, there are now 56 UK billionaires, up from 45 last year. The recent report stated that, as a collective, the 56 tycoons are worth an estimated US$213.9 billion, up from US$152.9 billion on last year’s list—making the UK's richesr billionaires US$61 billion richer than a year ago. Find out all about the top ten richest people in the UK below.

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1. Sir James Ratcliffe

Net worth: US$17 billion 
Company: Ineos Group Ltd

Though only the 113th richest man in the world according to Forbes' 2021 list, Sir James Ratcliffe is the richest man in the UK. As the founder, chairman and majority owner of chemical powerhouse Ineos Group, he gained US$6 billion over the last year, amassingng a total fortune of US$17 billion.

2. The Hinduja brothers

Net worth: US$14.9 billion 
Company: Hinduja Group

Though gaining US$2 billion over the last year, the Hinduja brothers were surpassed by Sir Ratcliffe for the top UK spot on the Forbes list this year. The siblings––Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash and Ashok––control multinational conglomerate the Hinduja Group, and have a combined fortune of US$14.9 billion.

3. Michael Platt

Net worth: US$13 billion 
Company: BlueCrest Capital Management

Co-founder and CEO of BlueCrest Capital Management Michael Platt is the UK's third richest person, amassing a fortune of US$13 billion. As one of the world's largest hedge funds, Platt started BlueCrest in 2000 after nearly a decade at JP Morgan, with the fund flourishing in recent years and generating a 95% net return in 2020––adding an estimated US$5 billion to Platt's fortune.

4. Sir James Dyson

Net worth: US$9.7 billion
Company: Dyson

Founder of consumer technology giant Dyson, Sir James Dyson comes in as the fourth richest in the UK––despite moving his business to Singapore in late 2019. Dyson's company revenue rose more than 20% to US$7.5 billion (£5.4 billion) over the last year, pushing his net worth up by US$3.8 billion.

5. Ian and Richard Livingstone

Net worth: US$9.3 billion
Company: London & Regional Properties

Despite Covid-19, British brothers Ian and Richard Livingstone increased their estimated wealth by US$2.9 billion over the last year. The real estate billionaires own high-end properties throughout London, with their flagship real estate firm, London & Regional, owning more than 45 Holiday Inn Express hotels in Europe.

6. Lord Anthony Bamford and family

Net worth: US$7.9 billion 
Company: JCB

Lord Bamford and his family own JCB, the famed yellow digger brand. After celebrating the company's 75th anniversary in 2020, revenue grew to over $4 billion a year, making the owner US$2.7 billion richer.

7. David Reuben

Net worth: US$7.7 billion 
Industry: Real Estate

Together with his brother Simon, David Reuben has built a fortune in real estate and technology. Increasing by US$900 million since March 2020, he now has a fortune of US$7.7 billion.

8. Simon Reuben

Net worth: US$7.7 billion
Industry: Real Estate

Sharing a real estate, technology and investments fortune with his brother David, Simon Reuben's wealth also grew by US$900 million in 2020, giving him an estimated total of US$7.7 billion.

9. Denise Coates

Net worth: US$6.5 billion
Company: Bet365

The sole woman on the UK rich list, Denise Coates is the co-CEO of Bet365, one of the world's largest online gambling companies. She owns roughly half of the privately held company––which was reportedly not hurt by the pandemic––adding US$2 billion to her fortune over the last year.

10. Christopher Hohn

Net worth: US$5.9 billion 
Company: The Children's Investment Fund Management

Coming in at number 10 is activist investor Christopher Hohn. Leading the Children's Investment Fund since 2003, he reportedly delivered a 14% return in 2020, adding US$900 million to his fortune according to reports.

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