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Get to know these tech trailblazers from the Lion City whose groundbreaking work in technology seek to make change in the world we live in today

This list of tech entrepreneurs from Singapore are starting to make influential waves with their impactful innovations and contributions to technology—and they are not stopping.

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In the name of inspiring creative work and celebrating tech entrepreneurship in Singapore and across Asia, Generation T wants to shine a spotlight on the homegrown titans of the tech business and their enterprising achievements which aim to disrupt the technological world by tackling the prevalent issues and inconsistencies in current technology and to bring something new and pioneering to the table.

From helping major companies navigate digital technologies in the workplace to using AI for the automation of repetitive work, these ingenious entrepreneurs definitely deserve our attention for stretching the possibilities of technology in the world.

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1. Sangeet Paul Choudary

Sangeet Paul Choudary is making a difference in the industry by prepping organisations around the globe to better navigate an ever-changing technological world through his brainchild Platformation Labs—which is an advisory firm that analyses external trends and works to advise international governments, companies and philanthropic organisations on how to utilise digital technologies to manoeuvre around obstacles in an uncertain future. He is also an accomplished writer in his field of expertise with two bestsellers in his bag and he often gives speeches at renowned business schools, Fortune 500 companies and global summits, which includes the G20 Summit in 2014.

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2. Gabriel Lim

Gabriel Lim is the co-founder and CEO of Saleswhale which aims to allow people to focus their time and effort on quality creative and thinking work by aiding companies and industries in automating repetitive and onerous tasks that employees used to do through the use of their signature AI Assistant. This product effectively handles potential sales prospects by attributing human-like responses and qualifying leads to them before allocating them to a human sales representative. It has shown to be helpful to more than 300 clients, including those at Randstad and General Assembly.

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3. Errol Lim

Errol Lim is on a mission to enable people to use their time efficiently in making a stronger impact at business events through the technology of his company Jublia. He co-founded the company on the basis and astute knowledge that his target audience attends these events in order to find useful contacts who can bring them business and to learn the happenings of their industry. With this in mind, Jublia was founded as an intelligent recommendations platform which functions on data analytics that matches people with each other based on relevant content and similar business interests.

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4. Jarrold Ong

Jarrold Ong seeks to make commuting on urban transportation more efficient and environmentally-friendly with his company Swat Mobility—Asia’s first-ever dynamic on-demand coach service. Through this service, he aims to facilitate the routes and motion of cities' transportation in a way that ensures greater efficiency and eco-friendly commute. The company achieves this by using an algorithm to calculate the optimal sequence of pick-ups and drop-offs that minimises the walking distance, journey time and fleet size. Currently in seven countries across the Asia-Pacific, including Japan and Australia, the company has its eyes set on establishing itself in Mainland China in the future.

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5. Steve Ong

Steve Ong of ProSpace has goals to make the workplace more efficient and convenient for its employees by improving workplace design, management and operations, and his company does that by providing artificial intelligence-based analytics and solutions to its clients, which include the likes of P&G, Rio Tinto, Medtronic and Temasek. It also takes advantage of the technologically-driven workplace by providing a cloud-based platform for conference room scheduling in order to facilitate greater ease in the transference of ideas and solutions.

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6. Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan is known for reshaping and transfiguring car ownership across Southeast Asia to be more technology-driven through his company Carro. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he started his first tech startup at the age of 13 and  he had two more under his belt by the time he was 21. He then became a part of the launch of Blk71—which is Singapore’s largest startup ecosystem builder. Coining his business as the Alibaba for cars, he aims to provide an automotive marketplace and services portal that offers tech-driven solutions to its clients that cover all aspects of car ownership.

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7. Maxim Tint

Maxim Tint wants to make it easier for you to check into hotels and offices without the use of physical documents for identity verification, and his company GTriip streamlines the hassle and complexity of gaining access to places. Machine learning is used to verify photo IDs automatically and biometric sensors and digital keys are activated on smartphones to enable faster, contactless and more secure check-in and access at commercial properties. This has already been implemented across 25,000 rooms and more than a million check-ins, highlighting the influential impact of his mission to make access to places more convenient.

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8. Caecilia Chu

The boss lady Caecilia Chu is known for creating the first multicurrency mobile wallet in Southeast Asia through her company YouTrip—a fintech startup dedicated to simplifying overseas spending for travellers that was started in 2018. Prior to starting her own business, she worked at Citibank where constant travel expenses motivated her set up her start-up. Its prepaid Mastercard allows users to pay zero fees in more than 150 currencies and it can be used on Singaporean public transport. The app has now amassed 500,000 downloads and the company raised US$25.5 million in pre-Series A funding in 2019 and they subsequently expanded to Thailand.

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9. Kuo ShihYun

Fashion enthusiast and businesswoman Kuo ShihYun is serious about reducing fashion waste through her start-up Lablaco and they use blockchain technology to short-circuit the wasteful cycles of the fashion industry. This technology essentially makes second-hand luxury clothes traceable and the market that they're sold in more transparent. Her many achievements in using technology to facilitate fashion sustainability include initiating pilot projects with companies such as The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Alibaba, Unilever, Swarovski and H&M, and she was also behind the Circular Fashion Summit 2019—which was launched during Paris Fashion Week.

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10. Nicki Ramsay

Nicki Ramsay has a gripe with credit cards as you can never pay for everything with them. This has in turn motivated her to start her own company CardUp which allows cards to be used in all sorts of ways that they’re not usually accepted, such as covering major expenses like rent, salaries and invoices. In 2018, the company had enabled payments of over US$40 million, highlighting her passion to make credit card payments more flexible and versatile.

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