What does real estate company RB Capital and AI firm Prowler.io have in common?

Our May 2019 cover personality, Kishin RK, is having a very busy month. His real estate company RB Capital has announced that it is one of several investors that participated in a Series B funding round for artificial intelligence (AI) firm Prowler.io.

Here’s what you need to know about Prolwer.io’s groundbreaking approach to AI, and what this investment might mean for the property scion’s future endeavours.

RB Capital is in good company

Prowler.io, a British AI firm founded in 2016, raised a total of US$24 million from this funding round. Besides RB Capital, other investors include Chinese tech giant Tencent and Singapore’s SGInnovate, a government-owned innovation platform.

Prowler.io has a unique take on AI

A common approach to developing AI at the moment focuses on deep learning, which requires a vast amount of data and computing power in order to ‘teach’ machines how to process information.

Prowler.io’s AI Platform, Vuku, takes a different tack. Combining branches of mathematics, engineering and economic theory, it processes data in real time, and is able to adapt to and learn from dynamic environments. This means it doesn’t need vast troves of data to be effective.

Vuku is also designed to be versatile enough for different industries, and the funds and strategic partnerships from this Series B round will be used to support Prowler.io’s expansion into new sectors.

New paradigm alert: the landlord-data relationship

Which brings us back to RB Capital. When we interviewed Kishin for our May issue cover story, he told us: “We are going to develop physical spaces that cater to the way human behaviour is changing because of the digital economy. We believe the conventional landlord-tenant relationship will move into a landlord-data relationship, which will result in a different way of viewing income for real estate.”

The investment in Prowler.io moves him closer to this goal, as RB Capital will have global real estate exclusivity and implementation of Vuku. “RB Capital has been making a number of strategic investments in cutting edge, transformational technologies that will revolutionise how we understand consumers in the business of real estate, hospitality and retail,” says Kishin. “Implementation of the Vuku engine will ensure we lead efficiency, stay relevant and remain at the helm of emerging business and consumer trends.”