Cover UNSPCIFIED, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - FEBRUARY 1: In this undated image former President Barack Obama takes a break from learning to kitesurf at Richard Branson's Necker Island retreat on February 1, 2017 in the British Virgin Islands. Former President Obama and his wife Michelle have been on an extended vacation since leaving office on January 20. (Photo by Jack Brockway/Getty Images)

Barack Obama is one of the most beloved American presidents in contemporary time. But did you know that he’s also a devoted family man?

Though Barack Obama’s popularity and leadership catapulted him into the White House, the 44th president of the United States is also a well-known family man. Check out some of his most memorable moments as a father and husband:

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The time he comforted a crying baby

There are a slew of photos one can find online of Barack Obama with children. A father himself, it’s no surprise that he’s great with young ones, especially babies and toddlers. CNN managed to capture a clip of him comforting a baby girl who wouldn’t stop crying even after his wife, Michelle, tried to soothe her. As Michelle placed the baby into Barack’s arms, she immediately calmed down!  

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His farewell speech thanking his family

Barack Obama’s farewell speech in 2017 was an emotional one for the family. After eight years in the White House, it was time for him to step down. During his speech, supporters could easily see the former president tearing up as he thanked Michelle, Sasha, and Malia for their help and support. Commenters from around the world pointed out how touching this moment was, not just for the Obamas, but for families around the world as well. 

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Hosting his daughter's boyfriend during quarantine

During his guest appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast, Barack Obama revealed how he and his family went through quarantine together. Malia’s British boyfriend had apparently had some visa issues and had trouble going back to the United Kingdom. “We took him in,” Obama shares. Together, the family played card games together. “I didn’t want to like him, but he’s a good kid,” the former president laughs. Talk about a supportive father!

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Attending his daughter's high school graduation

The United States first met Malia as a fifth-grader in 2007, but after two consecutive terms in the White House, people saw her turn into a lovely young woman. In 2016, the Obamas attended Malia’s graduation together and photos from the said event showed Barack standing and cheering. Though he had declined an invitation to speak at her graduation, it was obvious that the former president was incredibly proud of his daughter. 

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His humorous proposal to Michelle

Michelle Obama had previously spoken about how her husband, Barack, proposed to her. Both lawyers, he had actually proposed while in the middle of a fight. “That’s how he proposed to me, by starting that argument [that marriage was not necessary] over dinner,” Michelle told Stephen Colbert. “[During dessert], the waiter put a platter in front of me with a little box with a ring on it. In the middle of the argument, I was like ‘whaaa—’ and I opened it up and he said: ‘Now that ought to shut you up’.”  

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