Catch Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen as they reveal the history behind their friendship, discuss issues of race, and sing on the first three episodes of the original Spotify podcast "Renegades: Born in the USA"

Recently, the unlikely friendship between former President Barack Obama and renowned rockstar Bruce Springsteen has led to the production of a Spotify original podcast titled Renegades: Born in the USA. Here, they have a discussion like no other. Although each episode starts off with a dignified introduction, the duo eventually reveals their affable qualities which we can never forget. They also reveal a few things we probably wouldn't have had the chance to find out if not for their new podcast.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the podcast:

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Barack Obama Did Air Guitar In The Air Force

On "Amazing Grace: American Music", the third episode of the podcast, Bruce asked Obama if he's a shower singer to which he confidently responded with "Absolutely". Likewise, he proudly sings with or without an audience on sight. The former president shared that he has been called out for being too immersed in his musical numbers—even while in the airforce. "I have been known to have been scolded by my staff for doing some air guitar stuff on Air Force One," he said while Springsteen is heard laughing in the background. "And they're worried that the journalists are seeing".

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'Springsteen On Broadway' Began In The White House

On the last month of Obama's presidency, The White House held a quick and private concert for his staff and invited Springsteen. For the first time ever, the rockstar chose to play the piano, read lines from his book and sing a few songs. The performance ended up lasting for 90 minutes. Afterwards, Obama came up on stage and said, "Dude, you gotta do that for some other people. I can't be this greedy, where we’re the only ones who get to hear this?" His 90-minute performance soon inspired the show titled Springsteen on Broadway.

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Springsteen And Obama Have A Few Things In Common

"This is going to be interesting because I’m going to have to figure out why you thought you were an outsider. I know why I was an outsider," Obama said to Springsteen, who's laughing as he reminisces about his life in New Jersey. Turns out, both of them have a few things in common. Apart from their love for music, the two share a common ground when it comes to their childhood experiences. They share details about their upbringing, their parents, and the city in which they resided.

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Springsteen Speaks About His Band's Dynamics

As the frontman of the E Street Band, Springsteen has always been quite popular with the fans. But he reveals how his dynamic with the band really is like on the second episode of the podcast. He shares, "It both happened naturally and we contrived together at some point, you know, Clarence and I. And there was a moment when I say, 'Hey C, ya know, tomorrow night when I go to the front of the stage and I play this, come on up with me and play it next to me".

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Obama Isn't As Calm As Many Think He Is

Most of us know the former president as a calm figure in the White House even in the midst of crisis. But of course, there are times when people lose their cool, and he is human after all. Obama shared an experience in high school where he was bullied by another student.

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