The Asian Leadership Conference gathers ideas and solutions for a brighter future beyond the pandemic

Angkas CEO and co-founder George Royeca, an Asia's Most Influential honouree from the Philippines, is set to speak at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea on 13 to 14 July. This year’s conference curates ideas and solutions for a post-pandemic world that “defies the odds”. Sessions during the two-day conference include discussions on Southeast Asia as a geopolitical battleground, the globalisation of Asian content, and ethics in the metaverse. 

Royeca finds himself alongside global changemakers, including keynote speakers former US First Lady Michelle Obama and economist Jeffrey Sachs. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is also listed as a speaker.

“It’s both an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to share the Angkas story with the world, and to be recognized as a leader in the region as a private individual,” he says to Tatler. “Angkas is proof that anyone—an entrepreneur—can provide a significant and positive contribution to society.”

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The CEO, who speaks on the first day, will discuss how adaptability is key to improving lives. In the Philippines, Royeca’s motorcycle ride-hailing platform has been instrumental in improving mobility as its fleet of 27,000 bikers decreases commuting costs and travel time. He shares, “Angkas is a company that provides a viable solution for mobility in our most congested and overcrowded cities. By addressing congestion, the Angkas model aims to address a myriad of economic issues on a national scale.”

Most recently, he launched Angkas Motorsports in partnership with Ducati Philippines. Apart from supporting motorbike racers in international tilts, the program champions safety, emphasising how motorbike racing belongs on the track and not on public roads. 

Royeca calls on leaders to focus on making the world more inclusive, creating opportunities, and ensuring essential needs are made accessible and affordable to all. “Covid-19 has had a severe impact on our communities and the global economy, and experts have warned us that it will not be the last pandemic or global crisis we will face,” he adds. “The pandemic has also shown us how many of our problems can be solved by working together and setting aside our differences.”

George Royeca is an Asia’s Most Influential honouree from the Philippines. Discover the changemakers, industry titans, and powerful individuals who are making a positive impact on the region in the Asia’s Most Influential list from Tatler.

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