NFTs And Homecoming: What Gen.T Honourees Got Up To Last Week

By Heidi Yeung

Here's a look at what's been happening with some of the honourees from the Gen.T community over the last week

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Azure's debris collector in Beitou District, Taiwan.
Cover  Azure Alliance's debris collector in Beitou District, Taiwan (Photo: Facebook/AzureAlliance)


Congratulations are in order for Malaysian Gen.T honouree Nur Amalina Che Bakri, who is expecting her first child with her husband Alex.

Along with her usual informative posts on social media about various medical conditions like varicose veins and hernias, the clinical research fellow at Imperial College London is taking this opportunity to share, in real-time, useful information about pregnancy and things to keep in mind, such as vaccinations and when it’s still safe to fly.

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It takes a village

Azure Alliance, a marine protection organisation co-founded by Cheer Chen, shared on Facebook and Instagram a recent mission to clean up the harbour in Beitou District, Taiwan, where locals rushed to help set up the company’s debris collector when it arrived at the pier. 

“Azure’s objective is to be able to leave,” the post read. “And for residents to continue using our debris collector afterwards. That is success for Azure!”

Home at last

Violinist Ray Chen shared an Instagram video of himself playing a beautiful rendition of Waltzing Matilda, Australia's beloved and unofficial national anthem, with Sydney's Darling Harbour as the backdrop.

“After three years, it feels good to finally be able to play this at home”, Chen wrote on his post.

When art and NFT collides

Mia Deng shared on LinkedIn that NFT art marketplace TR Lab, which she co-founded, is collaborating with the Calder Foundation to create a “Web3 interactive platform designed to teach the public about Calder’s art, [and] gamify art history”.

The initiative is called The Calder Question, and “will [result] in a singular opportunity to collect limited-edition NFTs created specifically for the project”. Proceeds from the NFT sales will go towards establishing a conservation fund for artworks by the late American sculptor Alexander Calder around the world.

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