In Pictures: The Fifth Catalyst Series Event, Featuring Tony Yeung

By Generation T

The latest edition of The Catalyst Series took place on June 29, featuring Peterson Group's Tony Yeung as the guest speaker

Tatler Asia

We hosted the fifth edition of The Catalyst Series on June 29.

Taking place over a private lunch in Tatler House Hong Kong, the series provides Gen.T honourees with an opportunity to learn through an open, moderated discussion with their peers as well as experts from J.P. Morgan Private Bank, with whom we have co-organised the series.

This edition featured guest speaker Tony Yeung, CEO of Peterson Group, a third-generation family business focused on real estate that also invests in multi-asset classes globally.

He was joined by entrepreneurs who run private companies that are either venture-backed or looking for funding, to discuss entrepreneurship, resilience and leading in tough times.

Attendees at the lunch included Kingsley Leung, co-founder and chairman of medical technology company Great Bay Bio; Tommie Lo, founder and CEO of ed-tech company Preface; Arthur Lam, co-founder and CEO of green energy company Negawatt Utility; Dinesh Nihalchand, co-founder of property company District 15; Keith Rumjahn, co-founder and CEO of web3 fitness company OliveX; and Austen Chu, founder and CEO of watch platform Wristcheck. 

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“When you’re looking at the longer-term vision, you have to be agile and resilient,” said Yeung, discussing how he led his business to recover from its lowest ebb in 2003, after the Hong Kong property market crashed. “Reputation as a partner with trust and integrity matters. At Peterson, we believe that we should be able to walk into any room with our heads up high.”

After Yeung shared his personal story, Gen.T’s Lee Williamson, who moderated the roundtable, opened the discussion to the group. Attendees discussed leadership, company culture and how to handle the current economic slowdown. “Don’t fall in love with your business strategy,” advised Yeung when talking about the tough decisions all business leaders must make. “We cannot avoid tough macro downturns, but who recovers the strongest is what matters.” 


Photography   Anna Koustas

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