These 4 Individuals Are Creating Change Through Education

By Chong Jinn Xiung

From making education accessible to stateless people to teaching children about wildlife conservation, here are four Gen.T honourees creating an impact through learning

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Cover  Education helps shape communities and improve economic prospects of students (Photo: Getty Images)

Education is a fundamental human right and a powerful driver of change that can lift communities out of poverty. It promotes employment and ensures equal opportunities. According to global statistics, every additional year of schooling results in a 10 percent increase in hourly earnings.

Education also shapes communities and allows nations to thrive. Here are four Gen.T honourees who are empowering communities through learning and changing the landscape of education across Asia.

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Mukmin Nantang

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Mukmin Nantang, founder, Borneo Komrad
Above  Mukmin Nantang, founder of Borneo Komrad

Mukmin Nantang grew up alongside a community of stateless people in the Malaysian state of Sabah and forged friendships with many of them. He would regularly play football with them, but also wonder why some of his friends could not attend school.

This later inspired him to found Borneo Komrad, which is based on his belief that education is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all.

Besides educating stateless children in areas such as reading, writing and hygiene, Mukmin also advocates for them to get proper documentation in hope that they will have a better future.

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Nadine Chandrawinata

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Nadine Chandrawinata, actor and founder, Seasoldier
Above  Nadine Chandrawinata, actor and founder of Seasoldier

Nadine Chandrawinata is known for being active in the entertainment scene as an actor and film director, but the former Miss Indonesia is also a passionate environmentalist.

Concerned about the amount of pollution and plastic waste found in Indonesian waters, she co-founded SeaSoldier in 2015 to inspire young people to take action in protecting the environment.

Her foundation has educated people on mangrove and tree conservation, organised beach clean-ups, and run programmes teaching school children about protecting dolphins and their natural habitat.

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Vichitapol Pholpoke

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Vichitapol Pholpoke, CEO and founder, Teach for Thailand
Above  Vichitapol Pholpoke, founder and CEO of Teach for Thailand

Access to education remains disproportionate in Thailand, with students in rural and urban areas experiencing differing access to education. Hoping to change this, Bangkok native Vichitapol Pholpoke launched Teach For Thailand in 2012 in hope of delivering high-quality education to all local students.

The organisation recruits and trains teachers to educate students living in rural areas across the country, currently has a network comprising more than 180 teachers working across the kingdom’s six provinces.

Alamanda Shantika Santoso

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Alamanda Shantika Santoso, founder and president director, Binar Academy
Above  Alamanda Shantika Santoso, founder and president director, Binar Academy

After working at Indonesia’s only decacorn, GoJek, Alamanda Shantika Santoso switched career paths to education. Passionate about mathematics and information technology, she is seeking to refocus learning to be more about problem-solving than aceing school examinations.

In 2017, she started coding school Binar Academy, which runs courses and bootcamps that equip people with the latest digital skills. The company also reinvests its profits from its academic business into providing full scholarships to talented students from all backgrounds who are keen to make a career in IT.

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