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Find out what life lessons these Tatler friends live by through the help of their mums

Mums know best. Take it from these personalities who have learned important lessons from their mothers and have grown to see the world from a different perspective. 

This mother's day, read on to learn a thing or two from these mother-daughter-duos:

Isabelle Daza

"One time I was complaining to my mom about work and she said: 'Don't ever make quitting showbusiness a problem. You quit today and they will forget you and move on. And that's it!'

It meant a lot to me cause when my career was really 'booming' I felt so untouchable! I was busy with TV shows and guestings and endorsements, and with that came a sense of entitlement. My mom brought me down back to earth saying she has seen the most famous and successful stars come and go but what sets people apart is their attitude. She taught me and continues to teach me: work ethic and always doing your best—she says: 'If you are tired what more the crew who are the first on the set and the last to leave. Be considerate of other people's time! Be thankful that you are given this opportunity. Lastly, when people ask for a photo you should be grateful to them—that they are interested in you!'”

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Mia Arcenas Branellec

"The best lesson I've learned from my mom is to know that things can go in many different directions but it’s up to you to decide on how you want to react to those. I remember as a kid when I was confused or frustrated, she would always acknowledge any feelings, and then she would guide and inspire me to do something creative. I find myself doing the exact same thing with my son. Thank you, Mama!"

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Natalia Peña

"The best lesson I learned from my mom is that you should always try to say something kind to people. You never know what kind of day someone is having, or what someone else is going through and who knows, maybe hearing something kind could change someone’s day or even week for the better. This means a lot to me because it always reminds me to think of others. It never hurts to be kind!"

Cristalle Belo

"'Let's play.' Such simple words that you would even hear a toddler say. Would you ever think that these simple words would be powerful enough to determine one’s outlook in life? They would be because these are words I would often hear from my mom! My mom is not afraid to be herself and is not apologetic about doing things that she finds fun (yes, I’m referring to the TikTok dance videos). With me being the type of person that always cares about other people’s perceptions of myself, this is really one of the biggest lessons my mom is (still) teaching me."

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"She is successful and she has created her own path because her authenticity shines. Belo Medical Group is genuinely and uniquely her - with all the flair and flavour. It’s this childlike playfulness that she incorporates into her craft that makes her so lovable and endearing. So whoever you are or whoever you are expected to be, put all those expectations aside and let’s play!"

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