Sex toys, a dance floor and even an art gallery can be found in Lovehoney’s sexual wellness pop-up in the metaverse

The simple act of going into sex toy stores can be intimidating—forget the fact that it can be even more daunting when you’re face-to-face with the rows of sex toys inside. Online shopping could be a good alternative but lacks interactiveness and could be overwhelming when faced with unlimited options. Sexual wellness product group Lovehoney may have found an all-in-one solution to this: a sexual wellness space in the metaverse.

Spanning four floors, Lovehoney’s pop-up sexual wellness space is located in Decentraland, a metaverse that can be entered from any computer without the need for specialist equipment such as VR goggles. Open from July 15 to 31, the wellness space is open to visitors aged over 18.

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Exploring the metaverse's first sexual wellness space
Above Exploring the metaverse's first sexual wellness space

The virtual space is made up of layered flower petals that double up as pathways to the floors above. An entrance on the ground floor opens into an area featuring a number of the group’s sex toy products and lingerie. Above it, the next floor acts as a presentation space where visitors can find educational videos, while on the top level there is a rooftop club—in case your avatar wants to throw some moves on the dance floor.

However, perhaps the most exciting part of the space is the third floor, where an art gallery with erotic NFT art can be found. All products such as toys and artwork are clickable and link users to external shopping sites where more product details can be found.

A visit to an in-real-life sex toy store almost always requires a certain amount of bravery. Whether it’s as simple as trying to avoid the curious stares of passersby as you reach for the door handle, or it’s something more complex such as having to overcome years of internal sexual stigma before being comfortable stepping into a sex store.

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Lovehoney's product store in the metaverse
Above Lovehoney's product store in the metaverse

In the metaverse, however, all of this is irrelevant. You’re interacting with the world as your avatar—it could look as similar to your in-real-life self as possible, or you could also build someone completely unrecognisable—you’re anonymous. You’re also allowed to explore within your comfort levels and to enter and leave the space whenever you want. By including other elements such as a nightclub, art gallery and educational centre, Lovehoney has made the topic of sex more light-hearted and fun.

“The metaverse creates a unique experience that brings together the best of online and in-person retail experiences,” says Bryony Cole, Lovehoney Group’s global sextech expert. “There is a great potential for sex education, sexual happiness and sexual health support in the metaverse. Sex, as we all know, for the longest time has been living in the shadows. It’s a topic that has been stifled by stigma in society, culture, political institutions and our homes.

“The combined anonymity and intimacy of virtual worlds like this make the metaverse an ideal platform for education, pleasure and health topics to thrive,” she adds. “It’s an engaging learning environment for all ages, and a huge opportunity to improve upon an area that hasn’t had innovation for a long time. People have a sense of being able to explore without judgement and I think this will lead to a larger cultural embrace around sexual wellness.”

Lovehoney’s metaverse pop-up is open from July 15 to 31 on Decentraland


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