Manila Di Giovanni and She Loves Tech’s Leanne Robers discuss the realities and possibilities of being a female tech leader in a male-dominated industry

In partnership with Citi Private Bank, Tatler Singapore hosted a Front & Female panel that turned the spotlight on the tech industry—and, more importantly, how women can successfully navigate the evolving space.

The Tech-ing the Reins panel, which took place at the Tatler House, featured two guest speakers: She Loves Tech co-founder and co-CEO Leanne Robers, and Manila Di Giovanni, the 21-year-old founder and CEO of DWorld, a startup company building a virtual economy for the Principality of Monaco.

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Over the course of the panel, the two tech leaders offered up their illuminating insights and opinions on the challenges and inequalities that women face in the male-dominated tech industry, how to implement changes to flip the status quo, and whether women really need “female empowerment” to begin with.

It was less a talk than a conversation; the audience, comprising Tatler friends from various fields, offered up their own experiences, questions and suggestions on the realities of being a woman leader today. If there was one takeaway from the evening, it was that progress only becomes possible through the power of community.

After the panel, the conversation continued at the Tatler Bar, where guests exchanged ideas and contacts while enjoying an array of cocktails and canapés. Take a look at the gallery below for a look inside the special event.

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