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As CEO of New World Development and founder of K11 Group Adrian Cheng launches crowd donation platform Share for Good, he shares a personal letter to his beloved hometown

Truth Be Told is a series designed to bring hope to Hongkongers amidst the uncertainty and isolation of the pandemic. Each week, we publish letters of encouragement and messages of positivity from the city’s most influential leaders in the realms of art, culture, business and sports. These deeply personal, first-person accounts from the community can be read as love letters to Hong Kong. In these trying times, we intend for the series to inspire and serve as a reminder that we’re all in this together, and that we will bounce back stronger than ever.

On March 17, Tatler exclusively announced Adrian Cheng’s new project, Share for Good, a donation platform, in collaboration with Lalamove, to support Hongkongers-in-need through the pandemic with items from supermarket vouchers to rapid antigen tests to sim cards.
As Hong Kong lies at the heart of Cheng’s business endeavours, he sends a reminder to the people of the city to keep the faith. “We can only succeed if we act boldly together,” he says. Read his personal essay below:

March 21, 2022

Like everyone else, over the past few months, I have been following the Covid-19 situation closely. It is easy to feel demotivated at this time, but one thing I know about this wonderful city in which I grew up, is that Hong Kong withstands testing times and always comes back stronger.

This time is no different. I have been working with my team to arrange as much support as we can to help the community, and it has been so heartwarming to see so many others across the city do the same, offering what they can, big or small, to help.

It was this community spirit that has inspired us to launch Share for Good, our large-scale crowd-donation platform, which protects and supports those in need by improving the efficiency of the donate-and-delivery process.

Any individual, group or corporation can make donations [of items] or provide cash for the bulk purchases. It is now a much simpler process, and I encourage everyone to participate however they can. I would also like to thank all our partners who have helped make this happen—Lalamove, Yan Chai Hospital and 34 non-profit organisations—for such a collaborative effort and show of love for our city.

I understand that we are facing a challenging time right now, and many of you may be struggling in different ways. But I want to reassure you that it will only be temporary, just like storms always give way to the sun. All difficulties will pass if we unite.

I believe in a brighter future for Hong Kong, the city we all love. We should all think about the role we want to play in this city, how we can help to shape tomorrow’s world, and what legacy we want to leave for the next generation.

Stay strong and positive, and we will get through this together. —Adrian Cheng



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