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Queenie Rosita Law

Queenie Rosita Law is bringing fine art to a wider audience


Queenie Rosita Law is the director and founder of Q Art Group, a three-tiered art platform that is home to Q Contemporary, a private museum in Budapest, Q Studio, a commercial gallery and art studio, and Double Q, a fine art gallery set to open in Hong Kong in early 2022, which will showcase both emerging and historically overlooked artists from around the world while changing the way people view the gallery experience.

A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, Law has travelled the globe seeking opportunities to bridge the gap between artists and collectors, curating and producing artwork, and focusing on Central Eastern European (CEE) contemporary art through her museum and art collection.

Inspired by her late grandfather Law Ting-Pong, an art-lover and entrepreneur who launched fashion brand Bossini, Law is dedicated to promoting and researching great artists from that region. “During my travels, I fell in love with CEE art when I saw the raw expression and powerful energy coming from the artists. I started to visit various countries with the goal to meet artists and see their studios. I was inspired by their struggle and talent and I realised there wasn’t a place in the region where you could see all their art together under one roof. This is what inspired me to establish Q Contemporary in 2017. It is absolutely a journey of passion,” she says. Using Budapest as her base, Law continues to explore the untold stories of CEE art, exploring countries like Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia. “There are still so many stories to share,” she says.

In January, Tracing the Fragments was the first exhibition Q Contemporary hosted in Hong Kong and the first comprehensive exhibition of central and Eastern European art in the city via a collaboration with K11 Art Foundation. The event hosted more than 16,500 art lovers over a seven-week period.

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Queenie Rosita Law’s late grandfather, Law Ting-Pong, was the founder of fashion brand Bossini, and was him that inspired her love of art. “My grandfather and my father inspired me to pursue my passion and develop a personality that was true to myself so that I would have my own voice,” she says.

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