Cover Tracing the Fragments is showing from January 17–February 27, 2021 (Photo: Q Contemporary and K11 Art Foundation)

The collaborative showcase is the first-ever comprehensive programme that introduces Central Eastern European art in Hong Kong

Q Contemporary join forces with K11 Art Foundation for Tracing the Fragments, a collaborative collection of prominent works of Central Eastern European and Chinese contemporary art. The showcase marks the first-ever comprehensive programme that introduces Central Eastern European art in Hong Kong to foster cultural exchange among different regions. 

The works featured in Tracing the Fragments explore the idea of timescape, as well as document, discuss and trace the formation and interpretation of memories. Each work uniquely represents a piece of personal experience that can be interpreted as a part of a broader collective memory with historical significance especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

"Central Eastern Europe contemporary art fascinates me because it makes me feel a sense of struggle and a sense of power. A feeling that is so deep but yet so hidden. I have personally met most of the artists exhibited here when I had the chance to do so. I love listening to their stories and visiting their studios is an absolute treat," says Queenie Rosita Law, founder and director of Q Contemporary.

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Some of the works selected records the artists' personal journey of experimentation in the age of new media, digitalisation and creative technology which allows the audience to travel between reality and fantasy, ultimately allowing them to create their own stories through interactive videos and installations. A spotlight is also put on the female artist for the showcase.

"For me, being an artist as a woman is more difficult. It’s not celebrated as much and due to various reasons, it is easier to be given up on too. In this exhibition, we dedicated an area specifically to the female artists in this group. Here we have Ilona Keserü, Mira Brtka, Geta Brătescu and Anna Hulačová; all from different generations," says Law.

K11 Art Foundation and Q Contemporary will also present a series of events to accompany the showcase, including guided tours and workshops. Renowned curator, Wang Wei Wei will conduct an online panel to share and discuss the Central Eastern European art later in February.

Tracing the Fragments will be showing from January 17–February 28, daily from 10 am–10 pm at L6 K11 Art & Cultural Centre (Q Contemporary Pop-Gallery), K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Admission is free. Social distancing measures and health protocols will be implemented. For more details, please visit Q Contemporary's official website or K11 Art Foundation's official website.

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