David Yeung

Co-Founder and CEO, Green Monday


David Yeung, co-founder of Green Monday, is changing the way we eat, live and think in an era where the environment takes precedence

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A vegetarian since youth, Yeung grew up influenced by his family’s Buddhist traditions—particularly its principles of compassion—and so, looking back, his path seems to have been destined from the start. In 2003 he returned to Hong Kong after spending time studying and working in the US, and crystallised his passion for pushing social change into establishing Green Monday, a movement to educate and encourage the public to give up meat just once a week.

Flash forward 18 years and Yeung’s influence has snowballed thanks to his dedication to finding smart, impactful ways to further the message—most visibly among them Green Common, the successful retail and distribution platform promoting plant-based and sustainable food products, and Omnifoods, the innovative food tech company whose aim is to tackle the environmental issues linked to meat production. His groundbreaking vegan OmniPork product has been successfully integrated into the food ecosystem, with support from chef advocates and partnerships with corporations with clout, such as McDonalds and Cathay Pacific. In 2021 the company expanded to include the OmniSeafood series of plant-based “fish” products to address the issue of overfishing.

Elsewhere, Yeung aims to work with changemakers through Green Monday Ventures, an impact investment arm of the company that helps accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups that align with their vision for a sustainable green economy.

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One of the reasons why David created OmniPork in 2018 was because he personally missed having dumplings and luncheon meat, two of Hong Kong’s most iconic comfort foods.

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