Cover OmniEats offers convenient plant-based options for Hong Kongers on the go. (Photo: Courtesy of 7-Eleven Hong Kong)

7-Eleven teams up with Green Monday to launch a range of plant-based ready-to-eat meals and snacks across Hong Kong

If you've ever struggled to find convenient plant-based options at convenience stories, things are about to change. 7-Eleven has teamed up with Green Monday, a pioneer of plant-based food in Asia, to launch a range of plant-based meals, including ready-to-eat and classic dim sum dishes in over 700 stores, as well as over 30 plant-based snacks in 150 stores.

This is great news for vegans and those who opt for a health-conscious diet as the new ready-to-eat meals from OmniEat, made from OmniPork, are free from added preservatives and MSG. The meals will be available exclusively at 7-Eleven and include reimagined cha chaan teng classics such as OmniPork strip spaghetti in black pepper sauce and OmniPork strip rice vermicelli with sesame in teriyaki sauce.

Every Hong Kongers' favourite (or guilty pleasure) street food snack will also be one of the OmniEat snacks. You can enjoy plant-based versions of classic snacks reimagined as OmniEat siu mai and OmniEat crystal dumplings which will be free from cholesterol and trans-fat. Plant-based beverages such as Califia Farms chocolate and unsweetened oat drinks will be dropping in small-sized bottles.

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"More and more people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle but finding tasty plant-based food conveniently and around the clock can still be a challenge. Our extensive store network and the fact we’re open 24 hours enables us to meet our customers’ needs and offer them plant-based options anytime, anywhere. With that in mind, we have teamed up with Green Monday to launch a new selection of plant-based ready meals that we are rolling out in over 700 stores," says Alex Liu, managing director of 7-Eleven Hong Kong and Macau.

Speaking of the partnership, David Yeung, founder of Green Monday and Tatler's Impact List honouree says, "We believe this partnership with 7-Eleven, Hong Kong’s largest convenience store chain, has an enormous impact on promoting a plant-based lifestyle and that the selection from Green Common, including ready meals, dim sum and snacks, gives 7-Eleven’s customers greater choice when it comes to quick and convenient plant-based options. We hope that the range, available at 7-Elevens citywide, enables busy Hongkongers to lead a green lifestyle conveniently, anytime and anywhere."

All the plant-based options will also be added to their menu on Deliveroo so "everyone can enjoy plant-based food quickly and easily, at home or at the office."

In addition, plant-based soups, porridge, cookies, rice chips, nuts, crisps, chocolate, instant noodles will also be available.

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