Danny Yeung

Co-founder, Prenetics


Danny Yeung has built one of the world's leading genetics testing companies

Danny Yeung

Since 2014, Danny Yeung has been transforming healthcare with Prenetics, one of the world’s largest genetic testing companies, which has since pivoted to the vital work of producing Covid-19 testing kits. From the US, he started working as a telemarketer aged 15, but his first foray into entrepreneurship was franchising Hong Kong dessert chain Hui Lau Shan in the US, after which he ran a hospitality furniture company in Macau. He then founded group buying website Ubuyibuy, only to sell it to Groupon after just six months.

Prenetics, though, has been his biggest success. First, it launched CircleDNA, which sells affordable at-home test kits that detect disease risk, food sensitivities, personality and behavioural traits, allowing people to take their health into their own hands. Then, in April 2020, it rolled out Project Screen by Circle, a cheap Covid test that produces results in 16 to 24 hours, following it up with an RT-Lamp test that returns results in less than an hour, and that was famously adopted in football’s English Premier League. The company has been a financial high-flyer from the outset, and Yeung is about to float it on Nasdaq, valuing it at US$1.7 billion, which would make it Hong Kong’s first listed unicorn.

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Danny Yeung’s first full time job was for an internet start-up aged 18, during which time he also attended community college at night.

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