Chele Gonzalez

Chef and owner, Gallery by Chele and Deli by Chele


The chef of Gallery by Chele promotes the preservation of Philippine gastronomic culture

Dining at Chef Chele Gonzalez’s restaurant, Gallery by Chele, is an intense journey. Take a look at the tasting menu which lists dishes named after provinces or regions from where Gonzalez took inspiration. The bites section alone is an express trip that takes your palate from Bicol to Binondo, and Pampanga.

Gonzalez is known to be an extensive traveler who scours every place he visits to sample dishes and discover flavours and ingredients. At the back of each dish is a taste memory from his experiences. It’s one of the reasons why his restaurant, ranked number 69 by Asia’s Best Restaurants in 2022, continues to enjoy a loyal following.

There is good news for fans of the chef's cuisine. Gonzalez's brand of cooking is now more accessible through Deli by Chele, which started as an online delivery during the pandemic. WIth its sandwich menu gaining popularity during the lockdowns, Deli by Chele now has a few stores in some of the malls throughout Metro Manila.

Gonzalez also took over the reins of Samira, the fine dining establishment at Anya Tagaytay, and recently opened by Chele, his first outpost in Boracay. He also serves as the creative culinary director for Adviche F&B Solutions.

“The disruption caused by the pandemic forced us to look at things from a different perspective. In the [F&B] industry, we need to be ahead and always be conscious of what is happening, try to anticipate scenarios, and adapt to them quickly. That is the key to success right now.”


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Did You Know?

In October 2022, Chele Gonzalez and his wife, Terri Echiverri Gonzalez, welcomed their first child, a daughter whom the couple named Ainara Teresa.

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